How to stream all the Doctor Who episodes

Lucy-Jo Finnighan
Every incarnation of the Doctor in the Doctor Who franchise.

The Whoniverse is now official, but where can you watch all the Doctor Who seasons and its many spin-offs?

Doctor Who is the world’s longest-running sci-fi series, and celebrates its 60th anniversary in November 2023. The celebrations will be headlined by three hour-long specials written by returning showrunner Russell T Davies, who will also remain at the helm for Series 14 and beyond.

This year also sees Doctor Who leaning more fully into its franchise potential by officially adopting the “Whoniverse” moniker for both the classic and current iterations of the show, as well as spin-offs, such as Torchwood and Class.

But where can you watch the entirety of the Whoniverse? Let us guide you through the wibbley-wobbly timey-wimey chaos of streaming.

Where to stream Doctor Who

If you live in the UK, you’re in luck. The Whoniverse portal – every episode of Doctor Who and all its official spin-offs – is now live on BBC iPlayer.

Over 800 episodes of Doctor Who are available via the Whoniverse, which also sports its own logo. The Whoinverse is also home to exclusive new Doctor Who content, including the Tales of the TARDIS spin-off.

It’s worth noting that the Whoniverse is only available to UK audiences. If you want to watch Doctor Who episodes anywhere else, such as in the US, you’ll either need a VPN or watch as much of the show as you are able to on the streaming services Netflix, Max, and Tubi. There’s also Britbox, and Google Play allows you to one-time purchase the series.

In terms of new Doctor Who content, Disney+ will stream all future episodes of the series (including the 60th anniversary specials) starting in late November, so make sure you’ve grabbed a subscription!

The Whoniverse gets a new show

The Disney+ content doesn’t include any BBC iPlayer exclusives, however, which means that, for now, only UK fans can enjoy Tales of the TARDIS.

The six-part show reunites classic Doctor Who duos together as they reminisce about their own adventures while aboard the TARDIS. It combines newly filmed scenes with existing footage to create feature-length “omnibus” episodes.

Tales of the TARDIS’ new scenes were penned by showrunner Russell T Davies and former Doctor Who writers Phil Ford and Pete McTighe. Its cast includes Maureen O’Brien and Peter Purves, Frazer Hines and Wendy Padbury, Katy Manning and Daniel Anthony, Peter Davison and Janet Fielding, Colin Baker and Nicola Bryant, and Sylvester McCoy and Sophie Aldred.

“The word Whoniverse was invented by fans, so it’s time to give it official status,” Davies said in a statement announcing the spin-off. “And Tales of the TARDIS is one of the greatest delights of my career to see old Doctors and companions reunited, still fighting the good fight, is a perfect way to celebrate the Doctor’s 60th birthday!”

“I’m delighted to welcome Tales of the TARDIS exclusively to BBC iPlayer, the home of Doctor Who, which is consistently one of our most popular programs every single week of the year,” added Dan McGolpin, the Director of BBC iPlayer. “That Tales of the TARDIS will sit within The Whoniverse and features brand new and incredibly moving scenes with well-loved characters; it will be a fantastic starting point for a new generation to discover some of the most classic episodes and a joyous way for longstanding fans to catch up with old friends.”

You can read more about the Doctor Who 60th Anniversary here, and more about the upcoming Series 14 here.