House of the Dragon: The Blackfyre sword, explained

Viserys and Blackfyre in House of the DragonHBO

In House of the Dragon Episode 9, Alicent says Aegon will carry the Blackfyre sword – but what is it, and why is it important in Targaryen history? Here’s what you need to know.

Game of Thrones had its fair share of iconic weaponry: the catspaw dagger Arya used to stab the Night King; Oathkeeper, the sword given to Brienne of Tarth; and Longclaw, used by Jon Snow in the Battle of the Bastards, to name a few.

Given House of the Dragon directly follows the Targaryens, there’s plenty of Valyrian steel on offer, including the same catspaw dagger, inscribed with a history-shattering secret.

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Ahead of Aegon II’s coronation, Alicent says he’ll be given the Blackfyre sword – so, let’s explain its history and why it’s a major artifact for the Targaryens.

House of the Dragon: What is the Blackfyre sword?

The Blackfyre sword was the bastard sword first wielded by Aegon the Conqueror during his conquest of the Seven Kingdoms.

It’s a longsword made of Valyrian steel and is considered to be the most famous weapon associated with House Targaryen.

House of the Dragon: The Blackfyre sword’s history, explained

Aegon the Conqueror first used the Blackfyre sword to slay Qhorin Volmark during the invasion of the Iron Islands, as written by George R.R. Martin in A World of Ice and Fire.

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He believed it was all he needed to protect himself, but on the advice of his sister-wife Visenya, he installed the first Kingsguard.

Following his death, it wasn’t passed onto his firstborn son Aenys. Instead, it was given to Maegor, who he considered to be a more capable swordsman.


Maegor ascended to the crown after Aenys’ death. When Grand Maester Gawen suggested the throne should pass to Aenys’ son Aegon, Maegor beheaded him with Blackfyre. This marked the beginning of a reign that would see him known as Maegor the Cruel.

The sword was eventually stolen by Rhaena amid an uprising against Maegor and given to Jaehaerys before he became king. During his reign, he used Blackfyre to kill Borys Baratheon during the Third Dornish War.

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After being passed onto Viserys, it was given to Aegon II as part of his coronation, strengthening his claim against Rhaenyra Targaryen – which is exactly where we’re at in the show, so we won’t go any further… for now.

House of the Dragon Episode 10, the Season 1 finale, will be available to watch on October 23 in the US and October 24 in the UK.