Hospital Playlist announces spin-off with Go Yoon-jung

Gabriela Silva
Go Yoon-jung in Wise Resident Life K-drama

The well-received medical K-drama, Hospital Playlist, is set to return with a spin-off focusing on a different wing of Yulje Medical Center and its emerging team of young medical residents.

One of tvN’s and Netflix’s most beloved Slice of Life K-dramas is Hospital Playlist by creator Shin Won-ho. The storyline focuses on a group of friends from medical school who now all work for Yulje in different areas of medicine.

Fans adored the K-drama’s comical moments between friends, as well as their battles with their personal lives, love lives, and caring for their patients. Not to mention, each episode ended with the characters performing a hit song as a band.

Director Shin broke fans’ hearts when he announced he will likely not make a Hospital Playlist Season 3 any time soon. But it seems that fans got part of their wish as Hospital Playlist announced a spin-off with Alchemy of Souls and Moving actor Go Yoon-jung in the lead role.

Wise Resident Life K-drama will focus on new characters

The Hospital Playlist spin-off won’t see the return of the original cast, as it will focus on first-year residents at another hospital.

According to Soompi, tvN announced the news on September 20. “As the spin-off drama of Hospital Playlist, A Life of a Resident That Will Be Wise Someday will depict the realistic and relatable hospital lives and turbulent friendships of doctors and residents at a university hospital,” detailed Soompi.

Actor Go will play the role of an Obstetrics and Gynecology resident at Jongro. Thankfully the spin-off will take place within the same universe as Hospital Playlist, so fans can’t rule out a small cameo by the original cast.

Actor Shin Si-ah is also in talks to join the cast of the spin-off. Fans may be wondering if Shin will be behind the camera this time. Cheers all around as Shin and writer Lee Woo-jung will return as the creative minds for the spin-off.

A Life of a Resident That Will Be Wise or Wise Resident Life is scheduled to be released in the first half of 2024. Both seasons of Hospital Playlist aired on Netflix.

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