Henry Cavill starred in a Hellraiser movie you’ve never seen

Henry Cavill in Hellraiser: HellworldMiramax Films

Henry Cavill is best known for playing Superman and The Witcher – but once upon a time, he tangled with Pinhead and the Cenobites in an obscure Hellraiser movie.

While the last Hellraiser movie came out four years ago, it’s been decades since the horror franchise had any major pop culture relevancy. Soon, it will return with a reboot on Hulu, with Jamie Clayton playing Pinhead.

The first film dates back to 1987, and it spawned a litter of sequels – nine, to be exact – most of which were direct-to-DVD and widely dismissed by critics and fans alike.

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However, there’s an entry in the series with one of today’s biggest A-listers – yes, Henry Cavill once starred in a Hellraiser movie.

Henry Cavill in Hellraiser: HellworldMiramax Films
Spoiler warning…

Henry Cavill is in a Hellraiser movie

Cavill starred in Hellraiser: Hellworld, the eighth movie in the franchise. He’s fortunate, as the film marked the final appearance of Doug Bradley of Pinhead, and it also featured Lance Henriksen as The Host.

Hellworld came out in 2005, which you could have guessed by its plot: it follows a group of youths obsessed with Hellworld, a video game inspired by the Hellraiser series. One of the taglines even read: “Evil goes online.”

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Unfortunately, Cavill’s character Mike never comes face to face with Pinhead – while he’s alive, anyway. Instead, he’s murdered pretty horribly by one of the other Cenobites, who impales him with a hook, flings him around a room filled with jars of pickled heads, and lets him bleed out onto the floor.

You can watch Cavill’s gruesome death in Hellraiser: Hellworld below:

While Cavill hasn’t spoken about his role in any interviews, Paul T. Taylor – who briefly took over as the Hell Priest in Judgment following Bradley’s departure – addressed who’d win a fight: Superman or Pinhead.

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“I mean there’s only one thing I really do and that’s, you know, make hooks and chains hurl from nowhere and catch your flesh and tear you apart,” he told Screen Geek.

I mean, he is the Man of Steel though, so does he bleed? Does he bleed… I don’t know, I’m not expert on Superman… I think I’d rip out his fingernails, it’s what I’d do… I don’t know how, man.”

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Hellraiser: Hellworld is available to stream on-demand from Amazon Prime and other platforms.