Fans outraged over Florence Pugh being body-shamed for intimate Oppenheimer scene

Molly Byrne
Florence Pugh wearing a controversial see-through Valentino dress.

Florence Pugh is on the receiving end of body-shaming over her intimate scene in Oppenheimer — and fans are not having it.

Florence Pugh, who plays Jean Tatlock in the new Oppenheimer film, is no stranger to body-shamers, as previous movie producers have urged her to lose weight for specific roles.

Though her new film has been fairly successful, having made $80.5 million in its opening weekend, Pugh is again facing criticism from viewers who are commenting about her body in Oppenheimer.

However, many fans are now jumping in her corner to uplift the acclaimed actress, especially after she made a statement in 2022 regarding the harsh criticism that she has seemingly always faced in the industry.

Florence Pugh and the Oppenheimer cast
Florence Pugh and the Oppenheimer cast

Florence Pugh hailed as “amazing” by Oppenheimer cast mate Cillian Murphy

Unfortunately, some movie-goers who saw Oppenheimer have been spun into a frenzy, saying that Pugh had too much belly fat showing in her first-ever nude scene.

Luckily, other fans are now flocking to defend Pugh, uplifting her image with countless comments, saying, “She’s literally perfection,” and, “She is beautiful and doesn’t need to change for anyone. People need to leave her alone.”

Another fan pointed out people for being too judgmental, saying, “Ugh, that is terrible. SHE LOOKS AMAZING, why do people judge other people’s bodies? Like, worry about yourself.”

Pugh’s Oppenheimer cast mate Cillian Murphy has even chimed in with his support, saying, “Those scenes were written deliberately… It’s so f**king powerful. And they’re not gratuitous. They’re perfect. And Florence is just amazing.”

Not only does Pugh steal the screen in films like The Falling and Black Widow, but she is also known to slay couture on multiple occasions. So when she was fitted for a sheer pink Valentino dress before attending a 2022 runway show in Italy, Pugh had to make the bold choice to rock the see-through dress despite the criticism she knew she’d face.

Though she was accurate about people shaming her body image, Pugh made an Instagram statement regarding the inevitable hate, saying, “What’s been interesting to watch and witness is just how easy it is for men to totally destroy a woman’s body, publicly, proudly, for everyone to see.”

Pugh continued, “It isn’t the first time and certainly won’t be the last time a woman will hear what’s wrong with her body by a crowd of strangers.”

Though Pugh hasn’t publicly spoken about the current comments that Oppenheimer fans have given her, she certainly made it known in her 2022 statement that she is above cruelty and all for body positivity.