Dune 2 fans exhausted by “stupid” relationship question

Gabriela Silva
Paul and Chani in Dune 2 movie.

As Dune 2 nears its release, an interview clip with Timothée Chalamet has rubbed fans the wrong way, with the question slammed for being “stupid.”

Timothée Chalamet reprises his role as Paul Atreides in Dune 2, continuing his story as the Lisan Al’Gaib and his romance with Chani. Dune 2 is said to be the most epic movie of the year that must be witnessed, per our review. It already has a near-perfect score on Rotten Tomatoes.

The cast of the Denis Villeneuve movie has been hard at work promoting it, attending press junkets, and red-carpet premiere events. Based on the well-loved original book series, the movie expands the Dune universe like never before and makes for good interview topics.

But one interview has rubbed fans and journalists the wrong way due to an often overused and “stupid” question asked to Chalamet.

Dune 2 fans are sick of this question

British TV personality Sam Thompson angered a few fans when asking Timothée Chalamet if it was easier or harder to have a relationship with Zendaya on-screen when they’re friends in real life.

On X/Twitter, a snippet of Thompson’s interview went viral. He asked Chalamet if it’s harder or easier to have an on-screen relationship with someone they are friends with, referencing Paul’s growing romance story and kiss scene with Chani in Dune 2.

“There’s no good answer to that,” replied Chalamet. He continued to explain that it’s simply what the “story required” and supposed being friends with Zendaya did make it easier. But fans took to X/Twitter to express their disappointment in the question on a grander scope when it comes to professionalism.

“To be fair these interviewers are not really asking good questions anymore…. they just ask things that might potentially be trending on Twitter and that’s it,” said one fan.

Another chimed in saying, “Just an infuriating and completely flawed model. Hiring & nurturing young talent means you end up with great & prepared people asking interesting questions. Letting internet & reality stars take a stab at it until they maybe sort of figure out how it works? You end up with this.”

“I don’t get why they would ask such a dumb question everybody knows that it’s also A JOB so professionalism is one of the things that should be carried in this occupation like?! Can interviewers ask questions that are about the movie pls…,” said another.

One fan called out the marketing tactic of using TikTokers over real journalists saying, “I promise you that getting TikTokers/tv personalities (who are not qualified) is not the marketing tactic people think it is!!!!”

“This is the fourth clip I’ve seen in a week where someone is asking a stupid question to people who really care about their craft and the project. fans who care about these actors and their work want to hear about THAT, not whatever soundbite or clip they are trying to get.”

Zendaya was also asked the same style of question. She laughed and simply said it’s part of their job.