Dune director divides fans after claiming ‘dialogue isn’t cinema’

Jasmine Valentine
Timothee Chalamet and Rebecca Ferguson in Dune Part Two

Social media loves a controversial comment, with the director of Dune now coming under fire for sparking claims that ‘dialogue isn’t cinema.’

When it comes to the epic sci-fi franchise Dune, its looks are probably what the movie is best remembered for. Whether it’s watching Timothée Chalamet gracefully walk across a sand dune or an absolutely mind-boggling popcorn bucket, there’s no getting away from what we see.

In its next installment, the story follows Paul Atreides as he unites with Chani and the Fremen while seeking revenge against the conspirators who destroyed his family.

While the action is engrossing on screen, the drama is also heating up away from it, with the movie’s director coming under fire for claiming that ‘dialogue isn’t cinema.’

Dune director divides fans after claiming ‘dialogue isn’t cinema’

Dune director Denis Villeneuve has come under fire for his claims that ‘dialogue isn’t cinema,’ with the meaning behind it dividing fan opinion.

The sentiment came to light after Villeneuve’s recent interview with The Times, where he stated that “movies have been corrupted by television.” He went on to explain “Frankly, I hate dialogue,” the filmmaker told the publication. “Dialogue is for theater and television. I don’t remember movies because of a good line, I remember movies because of a strong image.

“I’m not interested in dialogue at all. Pure image and sound, that is the power of cinema, but it is something not obvious when you watch movies today. Movies have been corrupted by television.”

Unsurprisingly, the comments have caused furor online, with fans divided both for and against Villeneuve’s comments.

One satirical post on X/Twitter read: “I’m sure Denis Villeneuve was not making a larger point about how cinematic language is largely visual. He was definitely saying that no movies have ever had memorable dialogue. In fact, if you can come up with one counter-example, you’re officially smarter than him.”

Another countered: “All the respect to Denis. One of the greatest living filmmakers today. But dialogue IS important to great cinema and great storytelling. Visuals alone cannot carry a film. Quentin Tarantino’s films wouldn’t be as special as they are without their dialogue, for example.”

Others came down harder on the opposing side, explaining: “‘I don’t remember movies because of a good line’ is crazy most of my favorite movies have an iconic line of dialogue I always think of.”

This is all before fans of the Dune franchise even find out how much dialogue is in Part Two, with the movie set to be released on March 1. Find our four-star review here.