Barry Keoghan on “exciting” possibility of returning as The Joker in The Batman 2

Eleni Thomas
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Batman actor Barry Keoghan teased his return as The Joker in the upcoming sequel and is “excited” about the possibility of coming back to the role.

When it comes to comic book adaptations, no hero has been reworked and reimagined for live-action more than the caped crusader, Batman.

Many well-known and beloved actors including Val Kilmer, George Clooney, Christian Bale, and more have taken on the role of the iconic DC hero.

However, the latest iteration of the character took a different root than normal, casting Robert Pattinson as a much younger version of Bruce Wayne. The Batman, which was released in 2022, was met with near-universal praise and acclaim

Reviews praised Pattinson’s take on the character as well as Paul Dano’s turn as The Riddler.

In the final moments of the film, Dano’s Riddler is seen talking to a fellow inmate at Arkham Asylum. While the figure is initially shrouded in darkness, a brief glimpse is given at the end of the shot, revealing what is the latest version of The Joker.

While Batman himself has been recast and replayed multiple times, so too has his arch-nemesis. Jared Leto, Heath Ledger, and more have played the villain, with Barry Keoghan as the newest version.

While it is unclear if Keoghan will be back for The Batman 2, new comments from the actor during an interview with Etalk teases the possibility of his return.

“I can’t really say anything about it, but it would be exciting, wouldn’t it? Seeing the Joker come to life again.” The actor then added, “my smile says it all, you know what that means.”

The Batman Part II is set to release on October 3, 2025. We’ll be sure to keep you in the no as casting rumors and plot details begin to trickle out.

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