AI transforms The Office into “amazing” Pixar characters

Michael Scott in The Office and the AI Pixar version of the characterNBC/bayofbelfalas

Oh how the turntables: thanks to the wonders of AI, we now know what the cast of The Office would look like as Pixar characters – and people think they’re “amazing.”

I’m not superstitious… but I am a little-stitious. Thirty years ago, Terminator 2 did a pretty good job of showing us how artificial intelligence could go very, very wrong.

Now, people seem to think: why waste time creating real art, when AI can do the trick? The uncanny valley is intensifying every day, whether it’s Family Guy being turned into a “nostalgic” ’80s sitcom or software that not only provides dubbing in movies, but corrects the motion of an actor’s mouth.

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In this case, it’s being used for something fun: giving the beloved characters of The Office a Pixar makeover.

AI turns The Office into Pixar characters

Shared on the r/midjourney subreddit by u/bayofbelfalas, the creator transformed all the main characters from the hit sitcom into their Pixar counterparts. You can check them out below:

The images were created using Version 4 of Midjourney. “These took a LOT of prompts, most of them looking something like “Pixar Michael Scott from The Office, 8k render –v 4” with the occasional additional query elements like “happy” “grumpy” etc. And I ran a lot of re-rolls (read: hundreds for some), variations, etc,” the creator explained.

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“Then I popped them into Photoshop for a simple color correction to get them to match across the board.”

Reacting to the post, one user wrote: “These are all fantastic! I kept expecting there to be one that wasn’t as great later in the album, but it never came.”

“You nailed it with Michael and Dwight lol. Also Stanley Kevin and Creed. Fantastic all around,” another wrote. “Amazing,” a third commented.

“‘Why hire human artist when AI do trick’ Kevin Malone,” another joked. “At first I thought this was a 3D modeling sub and was impressed with the sculpting. A.I. is gonna take our job,” a fifth commented.

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