Woman baffled after finding SHEIN tag on $83 Jaded London top

Kawter Abed
Woman baffled after finding SHEIN tag on $83 Jaded London top

A woman was left stunned after finding a SHEIN tag on an $83 Jaded London top she bought from the website.

TikToker Emma (emmasilverman4) is convinced that Jaded London, a popular English-based streetwear brand, is sourcing its clothing directly from SHEIN after her recent shopping experience.

In a viral clip with over 1.1 million views, she showed off a Jaded London top that she had purchased for $83, only to discover that it bore two labels: one from Jaded London and another from SHEIN.

“Imagine my surprise when I was hanging up my set my $180 set, I love this outfit, wore it for my 21st birthday… just found out it was from SHEIN. It’s from SHEIN,” Emma began.

Woman finds SHEIN tag on Jaded London top

“Jaded London, oh cute tag,” the TikTok quipped as she showed the label to the camera before flipping the shirt around to reveal the opposite side, which showed a SHEIN tag.


“I bought this from the d*mn website,” she said. “I was waiting and waiting it was out of stock, and I was like yes it’s in stock, my size. I could have bought it on SHEIN for probably like $10. This is so annoying.”

TikTok users in the comments were just as shocked as Emma over her discovery. “That’s actually so wild,” one person wrote. “My jaw is on the floor,” another added.

“Only thing that makes sense is that someone bought the SHEIN one & the Jaded London one and returned the SHEIN one to Jaded London” a third shared.

The video also caught the attention of Jaded London, as the brand left some comments telling Emma to get in contact with them. “We have zero idea how it could possibly have that tag – SHEIN is not a manufacturer, it is a shop face, and we have no association with it,” one of their comments read.

“All ‘similar’ designs featured on SHEIN and sites alike are copies of our existing designs, not the other way around,” they wrote. “We are looking into how this has possibly happened as we speak.”

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