Viral TikTok terrifies Shein customer after disturbing note is uncovered

TikTok Shein order headerTikTok: michigansmiles84

In a new list of TikTok videos, a Shein customer revealed that she was “worried and scared” to find a series of notes hidden in her recent order, all of which included a threatening and harmful message within.

TikTok user Amanda posted a video on the social media platform, explaining how her most recent order with clothing company Shein included messages that she did not ask for. The video that Amanda first posted about the issue can be viewed below or alternately, accessed via the link here.

“This is part of my Shein order I received today. I purchased it on January 15, less than a week ago,” began Amanda. “Upon opening it, six pieces of unfolded papers fell out. I opened one up and they all say the same thing. ‘You are going to die in this suit.’”

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Amanda then went on to explain how she, “put gloves on, washed my hands. Little bit worried and scared. I will not be wearing this dress, not trying it on. Call the local police department even. Not a joke. Definitely disappointed Shein. Crazy.”

At the time of the writing, this initial video about the incident has generated over 6.7 million views, 500k likes, and almost 13k comments. However, Amanda has since also uploaded multiple new videos explaining the situation in greater depth.

In one such follow-up, she explains how “nothing like this happens in my area so I was extremely freaked out. It was something that really shocked me, especially after you have a girls night out and come home to this.”

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Amanda added, “I don’t know whether or not the dress was a return and they shipped it back out. It’s possible. I’m still not trying it on and I am not going to wear it as much as I really wanted to try this dress out.”

Time will tell how exactly Shein plans on responding to the viral incident and the potential threat of the notes. For all the latest entertainment news and content, be sure to check out Dexerto’s full coverage here.