TikToker roasted for saying if you’re gaming over 25, you need to “grow up”

Michael Gwilliam

A TikToker is feeling the wrath of the internet after claiming that anyone over the age of 25 who plays video games needs to “grow up.”

Gaming has become just as big of a medium as television and movies, but that hasn’t stopped some people from criticizing it as a childish activity.

Enter ‘itsaaronwilkinson,’ a TikToker who is going viral for his comments about gaming and how people above the age of 25 should be putting down their controllers and doing something else with their lives.

“You gotta grow up. You can’t be gaming, as a dad, as a partner, as a husband. It just doesn’t make sense to me. I grew out of that, a lot of my mates grew out of that as well. CoD with the boys at 26? I got stuff to do,” he ranted.

Aaron’s comments have sparked a heavy wave of backlash with the internet firmly siding against him, including those who responded directly to his video.

Gamers rise up after TikToker says they need to “grow up”

Instantly, users began to take issue with Wilkinson’s rant, explaining that they still game long past his age limit.

“I’m 31 and game. Fortnite, COD & GTA,” one said.

“Me and my partner game nearly every night we’re 27 and 28 makes winter so much more bearable,” someone else remarked.

Others weren’t so kind and went in for the kill, mocking the TikToker for his stance on games.

tiktok comments roasting user

“Aaron’s mrs won’t let him on the Xbox,” one sarcastically slammed.

Others suggested that the TikToker only took his stance because he wasn’t good at games, “Someone has a 0.4kd so quit,” joked one player.

“If you can’t hack a rainy Tuesday night domination shipment, let us know bro,” mocked another.

“Dude lost on FIFA and lost it,” another chimed in.

tiktoker roasted for gaming comments

Aaron, meanwhile, isn’t backing down and even uploaded another video mocking gamers for how he upset them as he “couldn’t care less about their opinions.” Furthermore, in another clip, he claimed he had attempted to “trigger” the gaming community with an opinion.

“Think it was mission complete,” he said.

Despite the virility of the first clip, his following videos have failed to recapture the same-sized audience.

On the bright side, his comments ended up managing to bring gamers together to dispute his proposed age restrictions, a rare feat in this day and age.