Expert issues warnings over resin art TikTok trend

Three screenshots of resin artTIKTOK: LOWRIJBUTLER

An expert in product design has issued warnings over the rising resin art trend that has taken over TikTok and Instagram.

TikTok is no stranger to dangerous viral trends. From mouth taping to blackout challenge, resin art is just another trend that could cause serious harm to your body

Resin art has exploded in popularity on TikTok, with hashtags like #Resin and #ResinArt gaining 16 billion and 10.4 billion views respectively.

The oddly satisfying videos found under these tags, show people mixing colorful liquids and pouring them into molds to create a translucent work of art.

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Many resin artists add mixed media elements to their artwork, such as dried flowers, beads, food, and glitter.

But not all glitter is gold, as experts have now issued warnings over resin art’s possible impact to the environment and human health.

Resin art’s potential environmental impacts and human concerns

Claire Potter, a product design senior lecturer, warns: “When resin is actually curing, it does produce a huge amount of fumes, and for some people that can be really detrimental to health.”

Potter also worries that the effects could get much worse for people who do resin art for a long period.

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“Because it’s easy to do at home, you might not have the right safety equipment that actually you should be using.” she says.

While cured resin doesn’t have the same level of toxicity as uncured resin, it can have other impacts on the environment. Potter says most resins are chemically based, and they are “hugely damaging for the environment if they get into our waterways via our sinks.”

The senior lecturer advises anyone wanting to participate in the trend, to read neccessary instructions, wear gloves and a mask.

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