TikTokers warned against taping their mouths shut for sleep in bizarre trend

an image of tik tok sleep trendsTikTok: LexFiish

TikTokers are going against the advice of doctors as they continue to tape their mouths up at night in a bid to achieve a good night’s sleep. 

We all know there is nothing better than getting in a solid eight hours of sleep, and TikTokers are blissfully chasing that same feeling. However, the lengths some TikTok users are going to are cause for concern.

Doctors are warning against a strange trend that has TikTokers taping up their mouths – but only when it’s time to hit the hay.

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an image of tiktok user lexfiishTikTok: LexFiish
TikTok user LexFiish is one of many advocating for the supposed benefits of the sleeping trend.

Doctors are warning TikTokers against the dangerous trend

According to Dr. Aarti Grover from the Center for Sleep Medicine at Tufts Medical Center, applying tape to your mouth to reduce snoring and the like is highly “problematic.”

“Imagine you have an obstruction in your nasal cavity either from allergies or you’re congested and on top of that you tape your mouth” explained Grover.

Grover added that “it could be problematic because you’re not getting enough air in from your nasal or your oral cavity.”

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Dr. Kathryn Boling of the Mercy Medical Center in Baltimore added that the trend is a “terrible idea.”

“There are a lot of TikTok trends I see where I am like, goodness gracious, where do these things come from?” added Boling.

TikTokers such as LexFiish are advocating for the unique trend that is intended to give people “the deepest sleep they’ll ever experience” but for obvious reasons, taping the mouth reduces oxygen flow – which can be troubling in a number of cases.

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For now, if you’re struggling to squeeze in those precious hours of sleep, it’s probably best just to snore away to your heart’s content.

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