10-year-old makes TikTok users “feel old” for not knowing what a CD case is

Eleni Thomas
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A TikTok user has gone viral on the platform after she filmed her young daughter struggling to open up a CD case and admitting that she had no idea what it even was.

With music streaming services like Spotify, Apple Music, and more allowing people to listen to music wherever and whenever they want, the old art of popping a CD in a radio or in the car is less common. This changing of the culture was never more apparent than when TikTok user ELS posted a video of her daughter who, after being handed a CD, had no idea what the item was or how to open the case up.

“So this morning I handed by 10-year-old daughter one of these” before showing a CD case is in her hand. However, she revealed that she “immediately took it away from her because of what ensued.”

She then hands the CD to her daughter, who can be seen struggling to open up the case before questioning, “What is it?”

The daughter then continues to struggle with the CD case, asking her mum “What do I do with it?” before she simply responds with “Open it.” The video has now gone viral on the platform, with over 2 million views, 407,700 likes and almost 13,900 comments.

If the TikTok video is unable to load, it can be accessed via the link here.

The comments section appears to be a split reaction to the video. For instance, many are extremely understanding of the young girl not knowing how to open up the CD player. 

TikTok user goes viral after daughter doesn’t know what a CD is

“Why is it crazy? She’s never seen it before. Don’t you have a difficult time opening something you’ve never seen? or? If someone reacted this way to you.”

Another TikTok user wrote, “genuinely can’t even remember the last time I honestly bought a cd… haven’t used one since at LEAST ’04.”

However, some TikTok users were much less forgiving of the situation and blamed it on the age. One commenter wrote “This has nothing to do with generation but all to do with the individual” while another added “Come on, you can still buy CDs at Walmart. Sure most don’t use them but they’re still easily available. come on!”

Another parent added, “I tried to explain live tv channels and commercials to my daughter and she was cracking up in total disbelief.”

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