The Last of Us Part 3 leak teases new group of characters for Naughty Dog’s sequel

Ethan Dean
Ellie in The Last of Us Part 2

New leaks regarding the alleged existence of The Last of Us Part 3 detail a new cohort of survivors and potential story beats. Reputable leaker ‘DanielRPK’ reported details on five new characters including their roles and relationships in a recent Patreon post.

Following the release of The Last of Us on HBO Max and the recent remake of the first game with The Last of Us Part 1, interest in the franchise has skyrocketed. While Naughty Dog has yet to make any official announcement for The Last of Us Part 3, the gaming community has nonetheless been rife with speculation on a continuation of the story.

Series creator Neil Druckmann has acknowledged the fanbase’s excitement for a potential third installment in interviews but of yet, nothing has been confirmed. Another reliable leaker ViewerAnon made claims late last year that the game was indeed in production and now, today’s leaks allege the same.

The leaker of this new info suggests that not only is the game in development but that the story is already taking shape. “Part of the plot will be about a group of scavengers surviving on the outskirts of post-apocalyptic city, crammed into a Victorian house that serves as their base,” DanielRPK reported on July 2.

The Last of Us Part 3
Joel and Ellie were central to The Last of Us Part 1 & 2, but reports suggest Part 3 may focus on a new group.

The report alleges Naughty Dog is looking to cast voice actors for five of those new characters, with roles for Lucas, Mason, Val, Ezra, and Gracis, supposedly up for grabs.

Lucas is described as an “affable” male survivor who “develops a relationship with another young scavenger and will have a turn to show his dark side,” according to DanielRPK.

There is less info on Val whom the leak describes as the “Female, leader of the group”. Details on Gracis are similarly sparse and is only described in the post as a female aged 18-25.

DanielRPK claimed that Ezra will initiate some sort of struggle for leadership and “wants to take the house from Val”. Mason, a former soldier, according to the leak, displays the series’ trademark internal conflict. “When Val gets put in charge, Mason must choose between his loyalty to Ezra and the house,” the leaker reported.

ellie and joel in the last of us part 2
The Last of Us Part 2 left the door open for another chapter in the story.

It should be noted that both DanielRPK and ViewerAnon typically leak information relating to the film and television industry. More specifically, the former is best known for his leaks surrounding Disney’s Marvel franchise.

Given that there is no official word from Naughty Dog on The Last of Us Part 3, these leaks should be taken with a sizable grain of salt. They certainly have the potential to be entirely false or even related to the recently teased The Last of Us: Factions multiplayer project.

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