The Last of Us creator shuts down idea of adding HBO series characters to Part 2 Remastered

Brad Norton
The Last of Us Part 2 gameplay

The Last of Us fans hoping to see new characters introduced in the HBO series making their way into the games, may not want to hold their breath. Franchise creator Neil Druckmann has shut down the idea, at least for Part 2 Remastered.

The Last of Us is an odd franchise on paper. Despite having only two proper entries in the series, four video games have been released, with a fifth set to join the mix in just a few weeks.

The Last of Us Part 2 Remastered is the latest iteration, upgrading the PS4 title with PS5-grade performance, visual upgrades, and a lot more. Included among a batch of new content is an entirely fresh roguelike game mode known as No Return.

In this round-based, highly-replayable mode, players can step into the shoes of new characters for the first time ever. But those expecting a surprise appearance from characters in the TV show may not have their wish granted.

No Return introduces a new genre to the mix for The Last of Us franchise, ditching the linear story of old for an endlessly grindable roguelike. Dropping you into randomized levels with seemingly randomized encounters to face, players can truly test their gameplay skills here.

Not only that, but the mode also lets you pick from a range of characters to load in as, each with their own distinct advantages. We already saw Lev in the announcement trailer for the remaster, but all other characters have been kept under wraps for now.

While you might expect the likes of Tommy or perhaps even Isaac Dixon to make an appearance, some have questioned just how broad this roster might be. Could we make room for brand new characters that were only just introduced exclusively in HBO’s live-action series, for instance?

However, series creator and showrunner on the HBO adaptation Neil Druckmann has shut down these possibilities long before launch. Quashing the idea in an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Druckmann said no on that end, and confirmed all new playable characters stem from Part 2, thus none from Part 1 nor the HBO series.

The last of us part 2 no return
We also know Dina will be playable for the first time in No Return.

That leaves a limited lineup to pick from, but with plenty of characters from the Washington Liberation Front, a number of helping hands for Ellie along the way, and perhaps even some nasty Seraphites, there should be plenty of variety on offer.

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