The Last of Us creator admits new HBO series change could be perfect fit for next game

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The Last of Us creator Neil Druckmann has admitted that one key change in the new HBO series could work perfectly in the next game as he recently praised how those infected can now be alerted in a new way.

While the original Last of Us is regarded as one of the best video games of all time, developers pulling the strings at Naughty Dog are always looking for new ways to improve their work and innovate with unique features.

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Despite years of toiling away on a sequel, a new multiplayer project, and even a full-fledged remake, there’s always something else to consider and now, even The Last of Us TV adaptation is inspiring the initial creators.

One particular change was at the forefront of Episode 2 of the HBO series and it very well could be something devs look to implement in a possible third game.

Minor spoilers for The Last of Us TV show below.

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Infected are at an all-new level of terrifying in the HBO series.

Discussing the second episode of the series in the official Last of Us Podcast on HBO Max, Neil Druckmann, Troy Baker, and Craig Mazin discussed an intriguing change for how the infected communicate in the live-action adaptation.

In the game, those infected simply listen to the environment and act on any sounds they hear. In the new show, however, there’s another layer of intelligence under the surface as those infected can now communicate through a “network of cordyceps,” as Baker phrased it.

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“You step on a patch of cordyceps in one place, you can wake a dozen infected somewhere else. Now they know where you are, they come,” Tess explained in the latest episode of the show.

As it turns out, this new direction was something Mazin brought to the table while researching infections, fungal growth, and general hive-mind behaviors. It just so happens to fit in well enough that Druckmann wished he’d thought of it sooner.

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“That would make for good gameplay,” he chimed in. “That’s one of those I wish we had in the game.”

While it’s ultimately a pipe dream for the time being, there’s no denying such a feature could always appear in future games. Whether it’s the upcoming Factions multiplayer project or even the rumored Last of Us Part 3, perhaps we’ll see this evolution in the infection and have to be far more cautious in where we step.

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Only time will tell if this feature makes the jump from the show to the games, but it’s undeniable the HBO series is clearly sparking not only interest in the franchise, but new ideas for it moving forward as well.

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