Incredible Last of Us PC mod reinvents the game as a brutal FPS

Brad Norton
The Last of Us Part 1 PC FPS mod gameplay

A stunning new mod for The Last of Us Part 1 on PC has shown the iconic PlayStation game from a whole new perspective, reimagining it as a first-person shooter.

A decade on from the franchise debut on the PlayStation 3, The Last of Us just hit PC for the very first time with a port of Naughty Dog’s more recent Part 1 remake. While this new version of the game comes with graphical upgrades aplenty and a number of key gameplay refinements to help align it with Part 2, the PC port has certainly been less than ideal out of the gate.

With fans labeling it the “single worst PC port” ever, and Steam even accepting refunds for disgruntled fans, it’s been a rough few weeks since the new build went live. However, some have been taking advantage of this new version, despite its early faults.

For PC modders, finally having access to the 2013 blockbuster just opened the door for a range of new possibilities. In just the first month alone, one of those possibilities has already been made real. The Last of Us Part 1 has been transformed into an FPS, one equal parts breathtaking and violent.

Removing all HUD elements and showing the mod in its full glory, YouTuber Voyagers Revenge showed their new creation in action.

Rather than having our camera over the shoulder of Joel, we instead zoom right in and get directly into his shoes. Playing from his own perspective lends another layer of immersion to the experience while amplifying the brutality of it all.

From heart-pounding horror sequences to the more bombastic gunfights and action setpieces, seeing it all through this first-person lens is sure to give even veteran players chills once again.

There’s no telling if the entire experience works with this mod enabled, or if only certain chapters are supported thus far. However, the early footage does showcase just about every weapon in the game, so it appears a majority of Joel’s arsenal is ready to use from the new perspective.

The PC mod is “currently a work in progress,” the creator said in the video. So for the time being, it’s unclear when it may be available for the general public.

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