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The Last of Us

Best weapons to upgrade first in The Last of Us Part 2

Published: 19/Jun/2020 21:33

by Brittany Vincent


The Last of Us Part 2 on PlayStation 4 ensures players always have access to a variety of reliable weapons as well as upgrades. Some are more useful to augment than others.

The austere world of The Last of Us Part 2 on PS4 is unforgiving and brutal. Make sure you’re outfitted with the best weapons and their corresponding upgrades so you’re not left writhing on the ground after a particularly difficult scuffle. Upgrades, like in any other game, will help ensure you’re as efficient and formidable as possible, so be sure you’re taking advantage of every workbench you find and putting together more explosive firearms than before.

It’s simple to upgrade your weapons, so make sure you scavenge for the parts to do so and use them wisely. In an effort to keep you from wasting precious parts on ones that won’t be particularly useful, we’ve put together this guide to which upgrades you’ll end up benefiting from the most and which to prioritize first as you settle into the first hours of the game. While there are some that cannot be upgraded (like the flamethrower), most can be switched up significantly. The next time you venture out into the world, you should be well-equipped enough to stay alive.

1. Semi-Auto Pistol

Upgrading the Semi-Auto Pistol's capacity is a good idea.
Sony Interactive Entertainment
Upgrading the Semi-Auto Pistol’s capacity is a good idea.

This is your starter weapon, so you’ll want to get cracking with upgrades as soon as possible. A good rule of thumb is to focus on capacity first so that you can make the most out of the ammo you find around the world. The more bullets you can fire, the more equipped you’ll be to handle each situation.

Following capacity upgrades, focus on recoil and fire rate. Better recoil control will ensure you get quick, clean shots in without worrying about missing those all-important headshots, and a better fire rate can help you dispatch additional enemies quicker.

2. Pump Shotgun

The Pump Shotgun is a powerful weapon, even sans upgrades.
Sony Interactive Entertainment
The Pump Shotgun is a powerful weapon, even sans upgrades.

The Pump Shotgun can deal some massive damage, even without additional upgrades. It’s a formidable tool that’s great at clearing out large swaths of enemies, whether they’re human or otherwise. With that said, you’ll want to upgrade it as soon as you have it available to make it even more terrifying to wield. Upgrade its stability first to ensure when you aim, you’re right on target.

Follow up with capacity and fire rate upgrades when you have enough parts for a sidearm that’s nearly like an instant kill for most lesser enemies that aren’t higher-grade infected. You’ll be glad you invested in the Pump Shotgun when you start dealing with larger mobs that feel more difficult to start controlling.

3. Bolt-Action Rifle

The Bolt-Action rifle can be used for close or long-range combat.
Sony Interactive Entertainment
The Bolt-Action rifle can be used for close or long-range combat.

You’ll have to make a decision in terms of how you want to play The Last of Us Part 2 when you go to upgrade your Bolt-Action Rifle. It can be used as a short or long-range weapon, but it’s up to you how you want to use it. If you want to use it at close-range for explosive effect, go for a capacity upgrade first to double your ammo.

You can use this rifle as more of a quick scope machine and use crack shots when up close, so focus on capacity and damage if you plan on skipping long-range combat. Otherwise, be sure to upgrade your scope to make sure you can not only see what you’re aiming at, but that you can account for bullet drop when you finally take the shot.

4. Revolver

The Revolver is great for firepower and versatility.
Sony Interactive Entertainment
The Revolver is great for firepower and versatility.

The Revolver is a slower shot than the Semi-Auto Pistol, but it’s also more powerful. For that reason, you’ll want to go ahead and snag the damage upgrade the fire rate first. It’s not automatic, so that means you might be scrambling for a shot that, while devastating, won’t come as quickly as you need it to. Then grab the reload speed upgrade so you can go ahead and get bullets back in the chamber for another round of enemies.

Stability and damage aren’t as important with the Revolver, but they’re the icing on the cake. You don’t actually need them since it is already quite a bit of a beast on its own much like the Pump Shotgun, but if you find yourself with more Parts and can’t decide what you want to do with them, you can’t go wrong juicing it up even further.

Apex Legends

Respawn Senior Game Designer wants more “non-BR” modes in Apex Legends

Published: 28/Nov/2020 22:31

by Alan Bernal


Respawn Senior Game Designer Daniel Z. Klein is a big fan of Apex Legends’ non-BR modes, and would want the studio to experiment with a few more concepts after seeing how successful the Winter Express has been.

Admittedly, Klein isn’t a part of the game modes team at Respawn, but the senior developer gave his preference on which direction the battle royale could take from here. Previous modes like Hunt and the Winter Express tweaked Apex’s typical formula, giving players something different to get their hands on.

The team at Respawn has proven they can make modes that don’t feed into the normal BR format but still create products that resonate with their players. Klein would like to see more of this out of Apex in the following seasons, though has said there’s not much to reveal on that front as of yet.

“I really want us to try more non-BR things; I think Winter Express was a wonderful proof of concept that Apex can be super fun in non-BR modes,” he said on Reddit. “I think something Mario Party-like, like (League of Legends’) Nexus Blitz, would probably be a bit too much for a game like Apex, but there are LOTS of cool things we could do.”

apex legends winter express ltm

He isn’t wrong on that final point. Aside from being a solid battle royale in the bustling genre, Apex Legends has something unique that not many games can boast about: it’s incredible characters.

Respawn have injected a vast amount of lore and personality into their cast of 15 Legends, meaning they can produce nearly any mode they want without struggling with how it logistically fits into the game.

We kind of got a taste of that type of ingenuity with the Fight or Fright Collection Event, that showed Pathfinder teleporting into a night version of Kings Canyon which introduced the Shadowfall mode.

Now that there’s vehicles and loads of new gameplay mechanics in Season 7, non-BR modes like races, new PvE concepts, and more can be a frontrunner for possibilities to explore.

Like Klein said, there isn’t anything Respawn are ready to announce for Apex Legends as of yet, but players have loads of content to hold them over until they do.