How to find the rare Antique Ring in The Last Of Us Part 2

Antique Ring The Last of Us Part 2Naughty Dog

The Last of Us Part II is finally available to play and if you’re looking for the Antique Ring in the story mode, you’re in luck, as we know exactly where to find it. 

Among the many missions that the new release offers, there are some special items that can only be found if you happen to look in the right place, and that’s not always going to be the case given the size of the world we’re all playing in.

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That being said, we know the place and the time for you to find it, so let’s run through the details to get this one checked off your list.

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Where to find Antique Ring in TLOU2

Our The Last of Us Part 2 beginner's tips will get you settled into the game quickly.Naughty Dog
The Last of Us Part 2 released on June 19 – after years of anticipation. You could spend hours trying to find the ring, but our guide makes it an easy task.

First of all, let it be known that the Seattle Day 1 portion of The Last of Us Part 2 is where this ring will be hidden. Be sure not to start up at the wrong point because you’ll just be making things a little harder for yourself.

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It’s a tricky task to complete and it even involves opening a safe. Below is a step-by-step guide on what you have to do. Hopefully, it will make things easier.

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  1. Walk through the Seattle QZ gate, which takes you to Downtown Seattle.
  2. Head over to Westlake Bank point of interest. Once you enter Downtown it’s just on the left, so you should be able to spot it.
  3. Go inside the bank and head over to the vault. You will notice that it’s locked.
  4. From there, pick up the Bank Robber Letter artifact. This will reveal a code.
  5. Enter the code (60-23-06) into the vault and it should soon swing open.
  6. Walk to the back right of the room and open the safety deposit box.
  7. Collect the Antique Ring and be on your way!
Vault in The Last of Us Part 2Naughty Dog
You’re going to have to open up the vault to get closer to the Antique Ring.

As you can probably tell, these things are super focused on getting the ring itself. But, don’t forget about the other things you may want to pick up along the way as well.

Inside the vault, there’s also a Pump Shotgun that should be very useful for fending off the infected. That, plus a shed load of other supplies that will be worth adding to your inventory for survival.

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After finding the ring, which is from the Uncharted franchise, you will unlock the ‘So Great and Small’ trophy in-game. A cool collectible to pick up on your journey!

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