Tekken 8 players blast CNT for completely ruining Tekken 7

Andrew Highton
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Bandai Namco has finally launched the Closed Network Test for Tekken 8. The early signs are positive, so positive in fact, that many players are already now falling out of love with Tekken 7.

Eight years after the release of Tekken 7, fans of the elite fighting franchise have a brand-new game – Tekken 8. It’s not the full game though, far from it, as it’s the Closed Network Test – or CNT for short.

Similar to the recent Mortal Kombat 1 stress test, it allows Bandai Namco to test the infrastructure of the game as well monitor potential balancing issues within the roster.

Feedback has been pretty positive with players loving the feel of the game. Interestingly, a portion of the player base already seems eager for Tekken 8 to replace Tekken 7 for a couple of big reasons.

Tekken 7 players are already desperate for Tekken 8

To people outside the fighting game space, each new iteration of a new beat ’em up may not seem as significant or groundbreaking. But it’s the subtle tweaks to a successful formula that can make all the difference.

According to Reddit user Will-Isley: “Tekken 7 feels weird and sluggish after playing Tekken 8.” They explained that following the first round of the CNT: “I decided to boot up T7 which I haven’t in over a month now. It felt so weird and awkward. Slower and more sluggish. This certainly gave me lots of perspective on what we’re really getting out of a new Tekken. It’s definitely time for something new.”

Not only that, but they believe that “Tekken 8 is miles more fun than Tekken 7” and they “miss the quick responsiveness of 8.”

Not only did many of the subreddit users agree with these thoughts, but another common opinion also cropped up too. “Loading the first match in Tekken 8 is faster than a rematch in 7. Maybe faster than the “get ready for the next battle” said one player, and another added: “Yeah, the loading times were great. Tekken 7 loading takes forever in comparison.”

One final sentiment went even further with their evaluation of Tekken 8: “I feel disgusted once [I] play Tekken 7 after playing Tekken 8.”

The Tekken 8 CNT is set to continue this week with the second round of testing, and an eventual beta is expected to arrive in the future.

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