New device lets you literally smell games as you play

Rebecca Hills-Duty
GameScent system with box

In an attempt to increase immersion, one company is working on a device that can trigger smells to match what you are watching or playing, and it is called GameScent.

Very little is so evocative as the sense of smell, and GameScent is banking on the power of scent to increase immersion and help customers be more involved in whatever they are watching or playing.

The advantage of the GameScent system is that it can release scents that correspond with gameplay without the need for any specific game development or coding. GameScent uses an AI system to process audio cues in real time and release a scent that corresponds with the action on-screen. This includes the ‘smoky aroma of battle’ or the ‘calming fragrance of the forest’.

GameScent says this system was developed by a team with backgrounds in areas such as consumer electronics, health, and wellness as well as gaming. In addition, the team says that GameScent is fully compatible with all gaming consoles, along with PC gaming, VR systems, and even streaming platforms.

Immersion through scent cues

The GameScent system is incorporated into a hexagonal box-like device that contains cartridges that can contain a variety of fragrances, including a ‘Clean Air’ neutralizer to reset the atmosphere after a gaming session. Scents are planned to be made available to buy separately and will include aromas such as Blood, Ocean, Sports Arena, and Fresh Cut Grass.

GameScent system

The President of GameScent, Casey Bunce, was confident in the product, saying: “Studies have shown that the sense of smell imprints in long-term memory more strongly than anything else. With GameScent, we’re hoping to elevate gamers’ experiences to be more exciting and memorable than they ever have been before.”

GameScent is already available for purchase from retailers including Amazon and Best Buy, as well as the official GameScent website.

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