Next-gen Xbox: Leaked specifications, release window & more

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A next-gen Xbox is coming. Though early days, we’ve scoured the internet to bring everything you need to know, including the potential release date, rumored specs, and more.

Microsoft’s Xbox Series X and S have been a runaway hit. These powerful gaming consoles offer power and access to Microsoft’s extensive gaming library. Since their release in 2020, the two consoles have given Sony’s PS5 consoles a run for their money.

Though Microsoft’s consoles have been out for almost three years, it is about time that we should ideally start hearing about what Microsoft plans for their successor.

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As per the latest rumors, Microsoft indeed has a next-gen Xbox in the making, and thanks to some leaked documents, we have more than a handful of information about the upcoming gaming console.

Next-gen Xbox release date rumors

Xbox logo with Series S and XMicrosoft

The next-gen Xbox is expected to launch in 2028. This new console is still in its early stages, and as per the reports, Microsoft will only share the development kits of this upcoming console with the developers in mid-2026.

It has also been reported that the development of games for this new console will start sometime later this year, with the titles being ported to the new system once development kits are out in the wild.

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Moreover, in the interim, Microsoft will also launch refreshed Xbox Series S and X consoles. These consoles are expected to offer much-required updates to the now aging hardware of the current consoles from the company. The Xbox Series X and S refresh will hit the market in October 2024.

Next-gen Xbox price speculation

It is way too early to predict the price of the next-generation Xbox console. The leaked reports do not hint at the tentative pricing as of now. However, we might hear about its price as we near the launch date.

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That said, if the leak around the specifications of this console is accurate, then we can expect it to be at least around $500, the same MSRP as the current Xbox Series X.

We will update this section as soon as we hear anything about the tentative pricing or rumors that might play an essential role in determining the cost of this console.

Next-gen Xbox specifications leak

xbox carbon awareMicrosoft
  • CPU: ARM64 or AMD Zen 6 x86 (Chiplet-style design)
  • GPU: Custom AMD GPU or AMD Navi 5
  • NPU: Machine learning silicon
  • Features: Next-gen DirectX Ray Tracing, Dynamic Global Illumination, ML Super Resolution, Micropolygon Rendering Optimization, Extensibility Model for Faster Iteration and Innovation

This is where it gets interesting. The next-gen Xbox from Microsoft is said to be an extremely powerful machine. Since the launch date is still far away, the company wants to develop new technologies and exclusive features for this upcoming Xbox console.

Microsoft feels that by 2028, it will achieve full convergence of cloud gaming and physical hardware, thus offering the best of both worlds. AI is the third most important factor and is expected to improve this console’s gaming experience significantly.

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Based on what we know, the next-gen Xbox might feature either an ARM CPU or an advanced AMD Zen 6 CPU. This could be coupled with a GPU made by AMD and Microsoft together.

Picking up an off-the-shelf Navi 5 CPU cannot be ruled out if Microsoft opts for an ARM CPU over an x86 CPU. We will have to wait some more time to see what the company finalizes.

As mentioned above, aside from the hardware, there will be a lot of focus on the software prowess of this gaming powerhouse. In Microsoft’s words, “Our vision: develop a next-generation hybrid game platform capable of leveraging the combined power of the client and cloud to deliver deeper immersion and entirely new classes of game experiences.”

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Microsoft has called this console a “hybrid console.” It plans to add machine-learning hardware to take care of physical simulation apart from dialogue and content generation within the games.

Cloud devices also incoming

Besides massively powerful hardware at our disposal, we could get a more immersive game and app platform. Microsoft might also add a new sub-$99 handheld console like the PlayStation Portal, allowing users to stream games from the console or xCloud platform.

Who will win the next-gen console war?

Sony and Microsoft are the two major console manufacturers looking to one-up each other. While others, like Nintendo, Valve, etc., are focused on portability, these two tech giants ensure they retain a place in your living room.

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Though Sony has already started experimenting and expanding its ecosystem of products with gadgets like PS VR, PS VR 2, and the Portal, it might be Microsoft’s turn to surprise us.

Both companies are reportedly looking to introduce mid-life refresh to their existing consoles and simultaneously work on a significant next-gen upgrade.

It is too early to say which of the two wins the race; however, Sony definitely has an early advantage thanks to the success of the PS5.

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