Wooting sheds light on brand-new “UwU” gaming keyboard

Wooting UwU on cream backgroundWooting

Wooting, creators of the incredibly popular Wooting 60HE, has now announced the Wooting UwU, a three-button pad specifically designed to play the rhythm game “osu!”. We spoke to Wooting’s CEO about the creation of this unique device.

Wooting has swept certain parts of the PC gaming community with its disruptive gaming keyboards. We took a look at the Wooting 60HE, which we called the “fastest gaming keyboard”. It also happens to be our recommendation for the best 60% gaming keyboard out there, too.

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In the months following the Wooting 60HE’s release, the company has enjoyed a long period of success, thanks to its incredible software, and disruptive “Rapid Trigger” features, which allow precision keypresses even the likes of SteelSeries and Razer cannot attain in their gaming keyboards. If you wanted to pick up a Wooting 60HE now, you’ll have to wait until at least May to receive it. No matter how you look at it, the company is making waves across the industry.

Calder Limmen, CEO of Wooting told us: “[Our] Rapid trigger feature is going to take over the entire gaming keyboard scene. Without a doubt. Take a closer look at the gear from top Valorant and CS:GO players and you’ll quickly find Wooting 60HEs.

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Indeed, esports pros like TenZ and Zekken use the Wooting products in professional matches, and you can easily see why.

Wooting hits out at rival gaming keyboard brands

So, we know that this disruptive tech is making its way through the esports scene, and Wooting’s Calder Limmen expects that their unique features will soon be copied: “I’m pretty confident all gaming keyboards will start to copy/paste Rapid trigger with the same or similar name after they’ve figured out how to make a proper analog input keyboard.”

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Razer, Steelseries, and other big brands should watch out. Because, right now, Wooting them beat.

Wooting’s journey to create a dedicated “osu!” keyboard

Though, after the release of Wooting’s dedicated “Rapid Trigger” feature, one community, in particular, has taken a particular shine to Wooting’s keyboards. The feature allows osu! players to have precise control over their inputs. This didn’t go unnoticed by the team at Wooting, years before the Wooting 60HE came to market.

Calder Limmen tells us: “Three years back I decided we should have a 4k device for osu! to test the waters, but I had to kill the project after making the prototypes. The device would end up being too expensive for the target audience using aluminum and I wasn’t convinced we’d be able to capture a large enough audience to start investing in plastic molds.

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But, after the Wooting 60HE arrived, and with its immense popularity amongst those in the community, the tide turned after the company noticed their keyboards being used to break world records.

This immediately solved the aforementioned issues. We captured a large audience that was now literally telling us to make a keypad. A Wooting osu! device was back on the table and we immediately got started with the development.

Wooting officially reveals the UwU

The Wooting UwU in three different colorways on a cream backgroundWooting

Sporting just three keys, the Wooting UwU is one of the first-ever dedicated Osu! keypads created by a reputable brand. Inside it, is the rapid-trigger technology that Wooting has become notorious for.

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According to the company, this three-key curiosity has cute keycaps and appears to also come with one of three different colorways to choose from. According to Wooting, it has every single feature that you would come to expect from their fully-sized boards.

Calder Limmen, Wooting CEO adds: “In true Wooting fashion, we challenged ourselves with the Wooting UwU by incorporating a few new ideas to how to build such [a] device, but also how we hope can contribute to the osu! community.”

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Pre-orders of the Wooting UwU begin April 6, with no pricing details formally announced as of yet. Though, should you pre-order, you will still have to wait until August before you have your hands on one. Eager osu! fanatics can be notified about the official launch on Wooting’s official website.

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