UGreen 145W 25000mAh power bank review: The last portable charger you’ll need

Sayem Ahmed
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Ugreen’s newly-released 145W 25000mAh power bank is extremely impressive, and after several weeks of testing, we think it’s the last portable charger you’ll ever need to buy.

Looking for a brand-new portable charger? Ugreen is often at the top of the list for brands that you can trust to deliver on their mAh capacity promises, as well as charge almost every device that you plan to carry around with you.

We’ve tested this power bank on our handheld gaming consoles, earbuds, phones, and even laptops, and we’re ready to give you the lowdown on why you should pick one up too.

Key specs

  • Capacity: 25000mAh
  • Charging certifications: PD 3.0, QC 3.0
  • Ports: 2x USB-C (1x 100W, 1x up to 45w), USB-A (18W)
  • Features: LED display, 2-hour recharge time
  • Price: $149.99


Ugreen 145W charger with ports showing

The Ugreen 145W power bank is a hefty charging brick, offering a smooth-to-the-touch finish all over in a gunmetal grey plastic on the top of the shell. The bottom features a matte grey plastic, which shares the same qualities. Over on the front of the charger, you get a small button, which shows off the current capacity of the battery itself, which is a nice touch, too.

Meanwhile, at the front, you get two USB-C ports, in addition to a Type-A for all your charging needs. Kitted out with the latest charging standards, including PD 3.0 and QC 3.0, you can expect a peak of 100W from the main USB-C port, and 45W from the secondary port. The type-A port tops out at 18W, which should still be enough to charge older legacy devices that do not support high-wattage fast charging speeds.

While using two ports, you should expect full charging wattage out of every output, and if you’re using all three, the secondary USB-C port and Type-A will be limited to 15W.

Regardless, this should be more than enough to charge almost all of your devices, with the capacity to match it, too. When it’s not in use, the charger also comes with a fabric pouch to set it in. It’s never too heavy to carry around, and can fit into almost any backpack for use on the move.


The Ugreen 145w 25000mAh charger is incredibly impressive. We took it with us on a transatlantic flight, and thanks to its capacity, was allowed through just fine. In addition to this, the charger also helped us keep our iPhone 14 Pro, MacBook Air, and Beats Studio Buds Plus charged for the duration of the flight without breaking a sweat.

Thanks to its high capacity, we were able to get almost a full additional recharge for our MacBook Air M2, which is no slouch. We did observe charging speeds get slower on the main 100W power port, dropping to 65W as you approach around 25% of capacity.

Once depleted, we found that a full recharge with an appropriate charging brick only took around two hours, just as advertised.

This is also a great companion for handheld gaming consoles like the Steam Deck or Ayaneo Air 1S, which we are currently testing. The device manages to admirably boost the battery life of these portable devices to the point where we wouldn’t leave the house without it.

Should you buy it?

Ugreen charger with battery capacity visible

Dropping $150 on a charger is an investment. But, when compared to other inferior options on the market out there, we would say that the Ugreen 145W solution is up there as one of the best accessories on the market, and you should not miss out on picking one up for yourself. It can already be found discounted on most shopping days, and CamelCamelCamel notes that the price has previously been slashed to as low as $110, which is an absolute steal.

The verdict: 5/5

UGreen’s 145W fast charger is the last power bank you’ll ever need to buy, thanks to its fast charging capabilities, and sheer capacity. This piece of kit is incredibly accomplished, and we wouldn’t ever leave for a trip without it stowed in our bag ever again.

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