This multi-port superfast GaN charger hits rock-bottom price at Amazon

Jitendra Soni
Acefast PD218W GaN charger

Acefast’s PD218W GaN charger can charge up to four devices at a time, and it is selling at its cheapest price on Amazon.

We all have a ton of gadgets – laptops, tablets, smartphones, headphones, wireless earbuds, and more at home or on our work desks, waiting for their turn to get the much-required charge. While owning cool devices is fun, managing their chargers and living through the charging cable clutter can be a significant challenge.

This is where a multi-port charging hub comes in handy. Acefast’s PD218W GaN charger is one such powerful and stylish charging hub that can simultaneously charge up to four devices.

The PD218W GaN charger usually sells for $99 – which is indeed pricey for a charging solution, but it has been priced down to $90 for a limited time. Additionally, a 10% discount coupon reduces the effective price by a whopping 20%.

Why do you need a smart charging hub?

The Acefast PD218W GaN charger is a one-stop charging solution that reduces clutter from your coffee desk or entertainment hub and is capable of rapidly charging multiple devices at once.

Acefast PD218W GaN

Aside from a stylish transparent design that reveals the innards, it has three USB C ports and one USB A port. Together, these ports can dish out 218W of power to your devices.

A tiny 1.2-inch display helps you toggle between different charging modes, which means you can distribute the output of 218W to the four output ports based on your requirements. This means you can use higher wattage to charge devices like a MacBook, an iPad, or your portable gaming console, while a lower 18W output should be sufficient and good for your wearable devices like smartwatches or earbuds.

Lastly, the Acefast PD218W GaN charger is also equipped with multiple protective solutions to protect your valuable devices. It offers protection from overcurrent, overheating, overvoltage, and other issues that could damage your device’s battery health or even the gadgets.

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