Steam Deck update adds support for 8BitDo Ultimate Controller

8bitdo and a steam deck

Valve has updated its version of Linux to include support for the new 8BitDo Ultimate Controller with the Steam Deck.

8BitDo’s Ultimate controller has launched in the EU and US. The new controller has been making waves for its hall-sensing stick and oodles of features. The company has gone to great lengths to ensure that all forms of gaming are supported across their full range. But, the 8BitDo Ultimate Controller stuck out to us as a cut above.

What is the 8BitDo Ultimate Controller?

8BitDo’s Ultimate controller aims to fill a void left by console manufacturers. It is providing a ‘pro’ end controller at a better price. Costing just $70, it includes a pair of paddle triggers on the back and control over how much resistance the triggers provide. Onboard Bluetooth and 2.4GHz wireless helps the device connect to other devices. Though, 8BitDo notes that the only console they are targeting is Xbox.

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Valve to the rescue

It was noticed by Steam Deck users that it wasn’t functional out of the box with the dongle.

This meant that reliance on Bluetooth was required, which would hinder those who prefer to use the more direct and reliable connection of 2.4GHz. In a recent update, Valve has updated the software to support the wireless dongle.

The issue was originally highlighted at the start of November, with the preview of the update arriving on December 3. Included in the update was a fix for a USB crash for the Hori Fighting Stick Alpha.

We’re still waiting on our own 8BitDo Ultimate controller to arrive, but from the looks of things, it could become a great default controller for the Switch and Steam Deck going forward.

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8BitDo, Jack of all games

8BitDo has appeared in our guide on how to use a Gamecube controller on PC and Switch. The Bluetooth adapter is superb, supporting both an original Gamecube controller, as well as old Wii controllers too.

Their Bluetooth adapter is also a boon for those wanting to use the controllers they already own on things like the Switch. This means you can use an Xbox or PlayStation controller. However, the 8BitDo Ultimate controller is seemingly looking to be the de facto replacement.