Say goodbye to drift as Gulikit reveals TMR stick upgrades for PS5 & Xbox

Rosalie Newcombe
Promotional image of a Switch Pro controller with the GuliKit TMR Electromagnetic stick.

GuliKit has unveiled the first TMR electromagnetic stick upgrades for the Switch Pro controller, PS5 DualSense, and Xbox Series pads.

Controller usage has tripled since 2018, according to Steam. However, as more of us rely on our favorite official Xbox, PS5, and Nintendo Switch controllers, the more we’ve become subject to the woes of stick drift.

Luckily, GuliKit came to the rescue several years ago. Thanks to its hall effect sensor stick upgrades, a wide range of controllers were able to make drift a thing of the past.

Now, GuliKit is at it again, announcing its brand-new TMR electromagnetic stick upgrades — marking the first time TMR stick upgrades will be available to modders worldwide.

Gulikit King Kong Pro 2 controller with black background

Announced on X/Twitter, GuliKit revealed that its new TMR electromagnetic joystick upgrades will be available for PS5 Dualsense, PS4 Dualshock, Xbox Series, and Switch Pro controllers.

The peripheral manufacturer didn’t provide a launch date for the new stick tech, however, the post comments revealed that more details will soon be revealed.

Just like their other stick mods, the brand-new TMR sticks will be sold as repair kits, that can be integrated into compatible controllers without the need for any circuit modifications. These stick upgrades will be sold as a set, coming with two joysticks and two KK Ring joystick caps.

Hall effect vs TMR

What makes TMR Electromagnetic joysticks so impressive is that they use magnet materials and Hall effect tech to allow their sensor to be suspended and make no contact with the area around it.

On most controllers, the carbon film gets worn down over time. With the TMR Electromagnetic sticks, it’s left intact since there’s no physical contact. While that results in less to no drift, what truly makes the TMR Electromagnetic joysticks shine is that they require less power to run.

The TMR sensor’s power consumption is usually between a range of 0.1-0.3 mA, according to GuliKit in an interview with The Verge. Meanwhile, hall effect sensors can consume around 0.5 – 2 mA. With less power consumption, the longer your controller can last longer when you’re playing your favorite games.

Promotional image of the new TMR Electromagnetic GuliKit joysticks.

If you’re looking to give your PS5 Dualsense Edge, Xbox Elite, or Xbox One controller a TMR electromagnetic stick upgrade, however, you may be out of luck.

GuliKit states on its website that they don’t recommend replacing their sticks with one of the TMR kits.

The brand insists that PS5 Dualsense Edge, Xbox Elite, or Xbox One controllers have “no good tools available” when it comes to stick calibration. As a result, issues can pop up when attempting to replace them.

Folks who still want to take advantage of the drift-proof analog sticks for their PS4, PS5, Xbox Series, and Nintendo Pro Switch controllers can pick them up when they launch later this month.

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