RTX 4090 & 4080 GPU price listed by UK retailer a month early

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UK retailer Overclockers UK has jumped the gun and begun listing the new 4090 and 4080 RTX GPUs, with their dear prices raising some eyebrows.

A huge variety of cards from different manufacturers has appeared on UK retailer Overclockers UK. This includes the previously leaked Zotac 4090 models, and their curved outer shells.

MSI, Inno3D, Gigabyte, PNY, and Palit, as well as staples Asus, will all be producing the new RTX cards. Notably, EVGA is no longer on the list after a huge dispute between the two companies.

We’ve got the full lowdown on the 4080 and 4090 GPUs, which goes through their specs and more!

How much will the RTX 4080 and 4090 be at retail?

The 4090 is supposed to launch at $1599, which the stock Founder’s Edition will be priced at. However, some, like Zotac’s Trinity OC 24GB edition of the 4090, will cost around £1829.

As of writing, $1599 should equate to £1420.72, as the pound has begun to slump in comparison with the dollar. However, Nvidia is listing the stock of 4090 cards at £1679, which is about $290 more than the MSRP in the US.

The price differences between each version available seem to be dictated by just how fast they are. The Palit options, for example, are listed at £1829.99 for the boost clock of 2520MHz, while the 2610MHz option is an additional £30 at £1859.

The cards listed all range within the vague MSRP price that Nvidia set for the three editions launching in October.

Whether or not the prices will come down following the launch has yet to be seen, as Nvidia is currently sitting on a metric tonne of unsold 30-series stock, and prices for the new GPUs are seemingly poised to stay at their high price since cryptocurrency has set new precedents – even after it has ditched the hardware in some aspects.

You won’t be able to buy any 4090s or 4080s just yet, but you can look.

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