EVGA will no longer make NVIDIA GPUs due to “disrespectful treatment”

Dylan Horetski

Popular tech YouTubers Gamers Nexus have revealed that EVGA will not produce Nvidia graphics cards for the upcoming 40-series ‘Lovelace’ generation. 

Over the years, EVGA has been the go-to brand for many PC gamers when it comes to the latest released Nvidia graphics cards, and is lauded for being one of the highest-quality GPU manufacturers in the world.

Its FTW3 versions of the Nvidia GPUs have become some of the most iconic computer parts. However, it appears that that will be ending sooner than later. 

An exclusive report from Gamers Nexus has revealed that EVGA will not be producing the next generation of Nvidia 40-series graphics cards, citing “disrespectful treatment.” 

Gamers Nexus reveals EVGA has terminated NVIDIA partnership

Uploaded on September 16, 2022, Gamers Nexus shared the news with fans — citing that his team didn’t have any knowledge of the report until the video went live.

Stephen Burke, Founder of Gamers Nexus revealed that he and his team had a closed-door meeting with the CEO of EVGA, where they learned the industry-changing information.

During the meeting, they learned that the decision wasn’t made based on finances, but on respect instead. Stephen explained that he’s heard from multiple card manufacturers on just about every launch that they don’t find out the basics about the product until it’s announced to the public just weeks before launch.

EVGA also said that they feel NVIDIA is undercutting their ability to sell products with NVIDIA parts because they’re selling Founders Edition cards at a lower price.

Existing EVGA video card owners don’t need to fret, however, as the company stated that they plan on withholding inventory to help replace and provide cards to new users.

However, once they run out of 30 series cards before the end of 2022 — there will be no more created by the company.

Stephen has emphasized that EVGA said they will be staying in business and has not entertained the idea of partnering with Intel or AMD in the future.

We’ll have to wait to see what happens next. In the meantime, head over to our Tech hub for more news and reviews.

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