Police bust ransomware gang accused of extorting “millions” & hacker gets stuck on roof

Joel Loynds
ransomware gang member escaping with stock image of a robber with their hands on their headPexels/VX-Underground

A ransomware group has been arrested and dismantled by Ukrainian law enforcement, with one alleged member’s attempted escape caught on camera.

Ukrainian police have stomped out a ransomware gang. The group was raided after law enforcement searched 30 different houses. A 32-year-old was arrested as the leader of the group.

It’s suspected that the ransomware gang has managed to extort “millions” in Euros from around the world. They had caused such a stir, that international help was called in to ensure they were caught.

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Those arrested were suspected of being Russians. However, the Ukrainian police have yet to confirm what nationality they are.

The group would exploit software like database software SQL, and general social engineering via scam emails. They would then acquire login information and push their attacks to their victims.

Ransomware software like LockerGoga, MegaCortex, HIVE, and Dharma was deployed. It’s been reported that the gang managed to infect over 250 servers, with laptops recovered from the scene.

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Ransomware gang member busted by Ukrainian police attempts to escape via the roof

However, one member of the gang stole the show. Posted by VX-Underground, a collective that monitors malware, the image shows someone attempting to escape via the roof.

The alleged member had climbed the roof of his apartment via a ladder and then flipped the bird at the hovering police camera. Another stayed with the police inside, dressed in his robe, as detailed in a response to the aforementioned post.

What is ransomware?

Ransomware is one of the most prolific computer viruses currently spreading. The software locks out people or companies from their hardware, demanding money in exchange for cash. This is usually done through cryptocurrency.

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Prolific attacks happen on a constant basis now, with our most recent reported attack involving LEGO. MSI, the PC part manufacturer, was also hit earlier this year.

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