Nvidia RTX 4070 leak shows off 8-pin power connector

Nvidia graphics cardNvidia/Unsplash:@umby

Nvidia’s upcoming RTX 4070 has now been leaked further, with images showing off that the GPU will be available using the standard 8-pin PCIe power connector.

Remember the melting RTX 4090 saga? According to reports and testing, the melting issues were caused by improper insertion into the GPU. Considering how much wattage can be channeled through the card (up to 600W), it’s likely that less-powerful graphics cards will not require the new standard.

This has been confirmed, through the latest leaks from ChipHell, which showcases a leaked RTX 4070 box, which proudly shows off that it can be powered using the 8-pin PCIe power connector standard, instead of the infamous 12VHWPR connector.

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RTX 4070 boxChiphell

It’s still likely that Nvidia will use the 12VHWPR connector on its Founders Edition models. However, the GPU showcased, made by Inno3D, showcases that the GPU might indeed come in both 8-Pin and 16-pin variants.

A smaller 40-series GPU

The GPU’s cooling solution has also been showcased, showing off a simple dual-slot configuration, in addition to a flow-through design. Since the GPU is pipped to use less power than the likes of the RTX 4080, you should expect that cards will be smaller in general. This is due to the GPU potentially requiring less thermal density to reach adequate operation.

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You may still see certain RTX 4070s with larger coolers, but this would most likely be for overclocked models. If operating at stock settings, you will get better temperatures and potentially better performance.

However, dual-slot cards are able to fit into more compact systems, so if you are planning to make a mini ITX build, the RTX 4070 might be the GPU that you reach towards thanks to its more compact form factor.

The RTX 4070 is currently rumored to launch in mid-April, coming with features such as DLSS 3, and other AI-enhanced features currently exclusive to Nvidia graphics cards only.

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