New AMD & Intel GPUs pushed to 2025 in latest rumors

Rebecca Hills-Duty
Intel Arc Limited Edition

Word from the show floor at Computex 2024 suggests that you might be waiting longer than expected for the Intel Battlemage and AMD Radeon RX 8000 graphics cards.

Though the Nvidia juggernaut continues to dominate the market for consumer graphics cards, AMD and Intel are attempting to provide a viable alternative in the GPU market.

Rumors from Computex 2024 suggest that there is still a considerable wait before we will see the next generation of GPUs from Intel and AMD.

Previous leaks had pointed towards a late 2024 release date for the upcoming Intel Xe2 “Battlemage” graphics cards, which are set to succeed the Arc Alchemist line.

Likewise, AMD was expected to launch the updated RX 8000 in late 2024. The new Radeon RX 8000 will utilize the RDNA 4 architecture and will focus on the more popular mid-range cards, instead of trying to compete with Nvidia’s high-end offerings like the RTX 4090 and potential 5090.

A roadmap explaining AMD's upcoming GPU roadmap, with RDNA3 in 2022 and RDNA4 in 2023.
AMD is already planning even further ahead in the future.

According to Guru3D, announcements from Intel and AMD regarding the new graphics cards have now been pushed back to the end of the year, with the GPUs seeing a launch at the start of 2025. Most likely to coincide with CES in January 2025.

The reasons for the delay were not specified, but in the case of AMD, it may be related to a change in focus following the departure of AMD’s head of Graphics business Unit Scott Herkelman at the end of 2023.

Intel is likely trying to squeeze as much performance as possible out of the new Battlemage GPUs ahead of the launch in an attempt to grab part of Nvidia’s market share.

Early leaks showed that the Xe2 cards are capable of figures roughly equal to the Nvidia GeForce RTX 4070. This represents a 60% increase over the current Intel Arc A770.