Meta Quest Pro leaked after being found in a hotel room

Joel Loynds
Quest ProZect Ruiz Gaming

The upcoming Meta Quest Pro was leaked on Facebook after a hotel worker discovered a pre-production unit left behind.

A hotel worker has come into possession of a pre-production unit of the Meta Quest Pro, currently dubbed ‘Project Cambria’ by the company.

Slated to launch later this year, Project Cambria has had its name leaked as the Meta Quest Pro previously. This includes a Mark Zuckerberg interview with CNet and a datamining of the iOS app in July.

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Quest Pro controllerZect Ruiz Gaming

The video in which the worker unboxes the device includes a closer look at the updated controllers, as well as a view of the inside of the VR headset. On the outside, we can clearly see the new cameras which will provide the inside-out-tracking for things like movement.

Looking at the controllers, the ring that would detect your fingers has been removed. They’ve been replaced by the new multitude of cameras that are attached to the outside of the headset and controllers themselves.

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meta quest proZect Ruiz Gaming

Meta has managed to shrink the size of the headset due to the changeover in lenses. This video confirms that they’ve moved over to pancake-style lenses. These lenses should be 2160×2160 Mini-LED LCD panels in each lens if a supply chain leaker is to be believed.

In a bizarre move, Meta recently upped the price of the Meta Quest 2, claiming the company needed to do so to continue investment in the metaverse.

Meta Quest Pro boxZect Ruiz Gaming

The rising cost of the Quest 2 will be followed by the Meta Quest Pro’s price of an estimated $800. According to a leaked memo, Cambria is aimed at the ‘prosumer’ market. This would include those that Meta is trying to build a metaverse for, by integrating remote workers in virtual reality.

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Meta’s vision for the metaverse hasn’t been met with a glowing response, as the low-quality image posted by Mark Zuckerberg was quickly followed up by an improved version.

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