Man uses Coca-Cola to cool PC & the results are surprising

Dylan Horetski
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PC-focused content creator MrYeester decided to use Coke to cool his PC, and the results of the test are quite surprising.

Ever since water cooling your PC grew in popularity, builders have experimented with various liquids to see how well they handle the extreme heat of various CPUs.

MrYeester is one of those builders, as he gained popularity across platforms with videos trying various off-the-wall tests with PC parts.

In his latest video, he used Coca-Cola to cool his PC, and the results are quite surprising.

MrYeester cooled his PC with soda but you shouldn’t try it

In a clip uploaded on February 21, 2024, MrYeester has a water-cooled PC setup laying on his desk with everything properly connected to the motherboard to cool the CPU.

Instead of filling the reservoir with water, though, the TikToker filled it up with Coca-Cola, which promptly made its way through the whole system.

MrYeester was surprised to find that his CPU idle temps stayed around 30c, but was even more surprised when he put the processor under load and his temperatures only jumped to around 75c and stayed there.

The Coke did really well at keeping the CPU cooled off, but it’s likely that it wouldn’t be able to keep up for long. Eventually, the sugary ingredients in the soda could damage the parts or even simply just clog up the radiator.

Viewers took to the comments to share the same thoughts as well.

“probably gets sticky and gunked up aswell after a day or two,” one user replied.

Another joked: “And when you’re done using your pc, you can have a nice little drink!”

Others shared what they think MrYeester should try to cool his PC with next, including Red Bull energy drinks, engine coolant, and more.

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