Logitech G Pro Racing Wheel & Pedals review: The perfect upgrade

Dylan Horetski
Logitech Pro Wheel

Logitech’s G Pro Wheel and Pedals pairs their iconic Trueforce feedback system with a direct drive motor style. But at $1,000 for just the wheel, is it worth it?

Anyone who tries shopping for racing wheels will quickly find out that there are a vast variety of options with different ways to offer feedback.

The Logitech G920 offers a gear-driven system and is by far the best option for those just starting with sim racing as it doesn’t break the bank. But, what if you get into it and want something more realistic?

Logitech sent over their newer, high-end Pro Wheel and its matching pedals, and I’m absolutely in love.

Key Specs

  • Connectivity: USB-A
  • Compatibility: PC, Xbox, PlayStation (Xbox and PlayStation support requires their specific models)
  • Force Feedback: Direct Drive
  • Price: $999.99 for Pro Racing Wheel, $349.99 for Pro Racing Pedals, $39.99 for Racing Adapter
  • Features: Force feedback, Magnetic paddles, quick-release wheel, onboard screen, adjustable load cell brake, hall effect sensors, dual-clutch paddles, programmable buttons


The Logitech G Pro Wheel and Pedals are the best-looking sim-racing accessories that I’ve seen so far. They managed to take what they’ve learned from the existing G920 and G923 wheels and make something well worth the Pro name.

Its wheelbase is rather large, don’t get me wrong, but once you dive into the whole setup you’ll quickly realize why they designed it the way they did.

Logitech Pro Wheel Attached

Inside the base is the motor, of course, but Logitech also added a speaker, screen, power controls, and even several USB-A ports to the back of it for added accessory compatibility.

The desk mount is quite different from other options as well, as Logitech has opted for a swappable piece in the front that allows you to remove the desk mount entirely.

The detaches from the base for easy storage, and I found it to be quite high quality. At 11.81″ in diameter, it’s definitely bigger than Logitech’s G920 or Thrustmaster’s T248X. With it being bigger, it’s more like a real car wheel, which makes immersion into your favorite sim-racing game much better.

Logitech essentially took the quality of the G920’s wheel and made it bigger and even better quality. The main part of the wheel is completely metal, and the plastic sections that house the Xbox buttons are super high quality.

The Pro Wheel’s premium feel extends to the quick release as well, as both the stem on the base and the mount on the wheel are metal.

The company laid out the buttons in their new “thumb sweep” layout, which puts them all in the perfect place for users to reach with their left and right thumbs. There’s also a toggle wheel to help navigate menus, and they’ve opted for a joystick instead of a d-pad which I’ve found to be perfectly suitable.

The pedals are definitely an upgrade from their budget offering, with improvements all across the board. The base is still largely plastic, but the supporting section, the spot where the pedals are mounted, is a lightweight metal that’s similar to the wheel construction.

Logitech definitely made the actual pedal assemblies earn their Pro branding (and $350 price tag) by making them all metal from the face to the mounting hardware. The Pro Pedals also feature a load cell brake, which measures how hard it’s pressed, and an adjustable spring that further allows you to customize the feel of the brake itself.

You can adjust the spacing of each pedal independently, and can even remove one of the pedals or invert them for a more custom setup.

The whole setup just screams quality from the moment you take it out of the box, and I can see both the G Pro Wheel and Pedals lasting for a long, long time.


The biggest feature of the Logitech G Pro Wheel is the fact that it’s got direct drive transmission instead of gear or belt focused. With direct drive, it connects the wheel directly to the feedback motor which in turn provides stronger, more detailed feedback.

Logitech made the wheel quick-release for easy storage, and I really hope that they decide to come out with different wheel options in the near future. I would love to see something like the Ferrari SF1000 wheel we recently reviewed from Thrustmaster.

The pedals are super customizable, and Logitech even ships them with different springs and rubbers to help adjust the brake to just how you like it. Many people like to try to mimic the car they’re driving in the game, so someone who does a lot of supercar driving in Assetto Corsa might have a different setup than someone driving a sprint car in iRacing.

Logitech has created an accessible ecosystem

With the Logitech G Racing Adapter, the company has managed to give users a cheap way to slowly upgrade their setup without losing compatibility with their old wheel and pedals.

For example, someone with the Logitech G920 could buy the Pro Pedals and Racing Adapter, and still use their existing wheel, as long as they want to.

Logitech Pro Wheel Attached

The Pro series peripherals ditch the use of serial plugs, so the popular Driving Force Shifter can be used with the Pro Wheels and Pedals without the need to purchase a new shifter if you already have one.

The racing adapter creates its own Logitech sim-racing ecosystem, and I’m excited to see the company continue to grow it in the future.

Logitech G Hub software

Logitech does have their G Hub software to help customize the Pro Wheel settings. However, after I set up the Pro wheel for the first time, I didn’t see any purpose in having it running while you’re gaming. Most of the settings that you’ll want to adjust can be done in the game.

It has been quite improved over the last few years, though, and is super easy to learn with easy-to-understand labels and it doesn’t take a ton of system resources if you do decide to keep it running.

Gaming Performance

During my testing, I found that the Logitech Pro Wheel and Pedals do not disappoint. The direct drive system paired with Logitech’s Trueforce algorithm to boost feedback is quite dreamy in game.

If you can afford the hefty price of the Logitech Pro Wheel and Pedals, or even just one of them and the adapter to upgrade your current setup, they’re a no-brainer purchase. Gear drive and hybrid drive setups like the G920 and T248X are great for those on a budget, but the feel of the direct drive feedback just brings the immersion to another level.

I tested it out with Assetto Corsa Competizione, Dirt Rally 2.0, and Forza Horizon 5 to get a feel of the feedback, and it felt great the whole time.

Logitech Pro Pedals

The Pro Pedals feel phenomenal, and I had zero issues adjusting the pressure of the load cell on the fly while using the Racing Adapter, no need to jump into the G Hub software in game.

Should you buy it?

I completely understand that $1400 for a wheel and pedal set is unobtainable for most, but Logitech’s Pro Wheel and Pedals just scream quality. If you’re a hardcore sim racer who will use this setup for years to come, they’re definitely worth the purchase.

If you can’t afford the price tag, check out our reviews of the Logitech G920 and Thrustmaster T248X wheels that offer suitable feedback and immersion for less than half the price.

The Verdict – 5/5

Yeah, the Logitech Pro wheel and pedal set is mighty expensive, but they’re super high quality and likely will be the last set you’ll purchase.

The ecosystem created by the Logitech G Racing Adapter can’t be matched as well, as it offers users an accessible upgrade path from the company’s previous hardware.

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