Intel 13th gen CPU reviews showcase record-breaking performance

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Intel 13th gen CPUs have finally arrived. The highlights of the stack appear to be the 13900k and 13600k, both of which reportedly have astonishing performance.

With AMD’s AM5 generation, Intel is up against some tough competition in the CPU market. Intel is now doing battle against a bold AMD, which has priced it’s Ryzen 7000 CPUs slightly higher than previous generations.

Intel has responded in kind, with the 13600K showcasing performance that has it going head-to-head against the Ryzen 5 7600X, and manages to beat it out in many benchmarks from reviewers. We need to verify these for ourselves, naturally. Expect our own review of the 13600K to come in a few weeks time.

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The 13th gen i5-13600k manages to rival, and in many cases, beat the performance of the i9-12900K. This kind of performance jump between CPUs has not been seen since Zen 2, and the legendary i5-2500K. The chip is shaping up to be an incredibly strong performer against the 7600X.

The scores are much narrower between the higher-end 13th gen 13900K and 7950X, with the CPUs going toe-to-toe at the higher end. This is truly two competitors duking it out with all of their might against one another.

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The i9-13900K has broken a 10-year world record

The Intel 13th gen i9-13900K has dethroned a 10-year CPU overclocking frequency record. A user named Elmor has managed to break the CPU overclocking frequency barrier using the chip, managing to reach a reported 8.8GHz. This is a frankly ridiculous speed, and almost certainly uses liquid nitrogen to cool the chip in order to reach them.

Regardless, breaking a 10-year world record signals something to consumers, you should be paying attention this generation. Team Red and Blue are really going at it. Combined at the high end with the RTX 4090, it’s a great time to build a new

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Who wins in the CPU wars?

Ultimately, this closely-matched competition will result in a better deal for you, the consumer. The i5-13900k matching the performance of the previous generation’s flagship is just evidence of that. AMD is still holding fire on revealing the 3D V-Cache variants of their Ryzen 7000 stack. That might be AMD’s trump card, which they are holding off on until Intel’s 13th gen lands. If we were betting, you can probably expect them at CES 2023.

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