How to insert the copyright symbol on a Mac or Windows

Copyright symbol and a keyboardPixabay

Don’t know how to insert the copyright symbol on a Mac or Windows? We’ve got you covered so that you can type out this commonly-found symbol like a pro. 

It doesn’t matter if you’re using a gaming keyboard or a regular one; the copyright symbol isn’t generally present on any layouts. However, an obtuse key combo holds all of the magic when it comes to knowing how to insert the copyright symbol into text.

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Remember, different operating systems have workarounds to insert special symbols like the one used for copyrights, registered trademarks, and more. As these symbols are commonly used in specific industries, and are not on many traditional layouts, you have to use a shortcut to get to them. 

You can insert the symbol on a Windows PC or laptop easily with a keyboard combination. We’ve listed all of the steps below.

  • Open the document in Word
  • Press and hold the Alt key on your keyboard
  • Type 0169 while still holding down the Alt key
  • Release the Alt key, and the © symbol will appear

How to make the copyright symbol on a Windows PC: Using Character Map

How to make the copyright symbol on a Windows PC: Using Character MapDexerto

Only a few know about a built-in utility called Character Map that comes with your Windows installation. It can be used to copy special characters and to check what input of the keyboard triggers a particle character. Here’s how you can use Character Map to input the copyright symbol:

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  • Type Charmap or Character in the search box. Hit enter
  • Locate the required symbol
  • Double click on it will drop the character to the ‘Character to copy’ text box
  • Select the character and simply copy-paste it at the required place in the document

How to make the copyright symbol on a Mac

Inserting the character symbol on Mac is straightforward. All you need to do is press the Options key and while keeping it pressed, press the g key. That’s it.

The above mentioned process is universal with most applications Pages, Notes, Google Docs, and Microsoft Word on Mac.

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Similarly, you can press Options + R to type the registered symbol and Option + 2 to type the trademark symbol on Mac.

How to make the copyright symbol on Android

The process of entering the copyright symbol on an Android device depends on the keyboard app. We explain how to insert the unique character with the GBoard app.

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  • Tap the number pad icon on the bottom left to switch to the number pad
  • Tap the =/< button to display the special characters pad
  • Locate the copyright symbol and tap on it once to insert it at the desired location

Also, if you type the word ‘copyright’ using the GBoard app, the character will automatically be displayed on the top bar. To insert the character, tap on it, and the character will replace the letters.

How to insert the copyright symbol on iPhone

The copyright symbol on an iPhone can be found on the emoji keyboard. It can be accessed by tapping the symbols icon at the bottom right. Once you’re there, you can find the copyright icon; all you need to do is tap on it to insert it wherever required.

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Also, even on iPhone, whenever you type copyright, the symbol appears on the top bar of the keyboard.

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