How long is the PSVR2 cable? Best extensions for PlayStation VR2 & more

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Wondering how long the PSVR2’s cable is? We’ve got you covered with everything you need to know, in addition to the best cable extensions you can buy right now.

The PlayStation VR2 has been in the hands of punters for a little while now, and we think the headset is excellent for its gorgeous screen and breathtaking experiences. However, one big issue for some users is just how long the cable for the PSVR2 is. But, don’t worry, as we’ve measured the cable out, and even have found some good cable extensions that will work with your PSVR2.

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PSVR2 cable length

The length of the PSVR2 cable is 4.5 meters long. This should be more than enough for most people, even when using Roomscale VR games. Though, it could be a little bit longer for those who have a full Roomscale VR setup, since you want as little slack on the cable as possible to avoid tripping yourself over in VR.

The best PSVR2 cable extensions

To find the best PSVR2 cable extensions, you need first to find an extension that can actually pass through all of the data coming through the PSVR2’s USB-C port. A cable that can pass through at least 10GBps of bandwidth will be able to pass through any signal from the PSVR2. However, it would be best if you also were wary about signal degradation. The longer the length of the extension cable, the more likely it will be that the signal will not reach your PlayStation 5 at all, or be garbled in some way. This can affect a fair few aspects of the headset and should be something that you avoid.

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There’s some conflicting information about which extensions will definitely work, but we generally recommend that you keep the cable under 3 meters in order to ensure that it will work correctly. So, as long as you keep it around or under 3 meters, and have a 10GBps bandwidth on the cable itself, it should work. Just be wary that not all cables are born the same. Sony also does not officially support extension cables for PSVR2, so purchase at your own risk.

NameLengthWhere to buy
UseBean USB4 Thunderbolt 4 Right-Angled Extension cable60CM (2ft) Amazon
UseBean USB-C 3.1 Right-Angled Extension Cable1M (3.3ft)Amazon
AINOPE USB-C 3.2 Extension Cable2M (6.6ft)Amazon
Stouchi USB-C 3.2 Extension Cable2M (6.6ft)Amazon

Is the PlayStation VR2 wireless?

The PlayStation VR2 is not wireless. The headset uses a single USB cable splitting out of the headset that requires to be plugged into the PS5’s front USB port. The headset is also currently not compatible with PC, though it is still recognized in Windows.

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