Higround unveils Dragon Ball Z collab featuring new performance keyboard

higround dragon ball zHiground/Dragon Ball Z

100 Thieves’ keyboard company Higround has unveiled a collab with Dragon Ball Z and it features a brand new product from the popular brand.

Over the last couple of years since 100 Thieves brought Higround under their wing, the “hype beast” keyboard company has skyrocketed in popularity.

They’ve done collabs with Jujutsu Kaisen, Attack on Titan, and even Sega since then, creating one of our favorite 65% keyboards in the process.

On August 22, Higround unveiled their Dragon Ball Z collaboration which also features their brand-new performance keyboard.

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Higround’s new Dragon Ball Z collab features new performance keyboard

Similar to past drops that have featured major brands, Higround’s Dragon Ball Z collaboration not only consists of multiple keyboard designs but also merch like mousepads and 100 Thieves’ apparel.

The 12-piece capsule consists of 10 keyboards, five mouse pads, 1 jellybag, and several t-shirts and hoodies sporting the DBZ and 100 Thieves branding.

Higround is offering four distinctive designs across the Summit 65, Basecamp 65, and their newest gaming keyboard — the Basecamp 65 performance.

While similar to the existing Basecamp 65 keyboards in design, the new performance peripherals feature hall-effect magnetic switches

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These will allow faster key presses similar to the Wooting 60HE, which provides better gaming accuracy and performance for customers.

Going by their last few anime collaborations, Higround’s Dragon Ball Z collaboration will likely sell out in mere minutes. So, be ready to get yours on August 30, 2023, at 12 pm PT on their website.

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