Dough reveals stunning 27-inch OLED gaming monitor

Dough Spectrum OLED gaming monitorDough

Dough has revealed a brand-new gaming monitor bound for 2023, sporting a 1440p, OLED panel that’s equipped with a 240Hz refresh rate.

Dough has been around for a while, but many might know them by their prior Eve naming. Having delivered a fantastic 4K panel just last year in the form of the Spectrum, Dough now has its sights set on the OLED market.

The Spectrum OLED is sporting a 1440p panel, which is also capable of pushing itself up to 240Hz. However, the flagship feature of this panel is its OLED technology. Sweeping up the TV market, we’ve been waiting a little while to see the advent of more reasonably-sized OLED monitors, and it appears as though Dough has delivered the goods.

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The panel has been developed by LG, and you can also expect a slew of features, including the incredibly handy 100W USB-C passthrough. Other additions include a USB hub with a KVM Switch, and a 2-year burn-in warranty for those concerned about the jump to OLED.

The display will also feature DisplayHDR with True Black 400, with a glossy screen, somewhat of a rarity in modern gaming monitors. the display will also have a 0.03ms response time, making it perfectly capable for gaming. The benefit of the OLED is that colors and black levels will be incredible, especially compared to the majority of gaming monitors on the market today.

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Thanks to being an OLED panel, it will have a near-infinite contrast ratio, with individually lit dimming zones, so there are no awkwardly lit parts of the monitor. The monitor also is fully-equipped for VRR, with G-Sync compatibility and Freesync Premium Pro.

How much is the Dough Spectrum OLED?

The Dough Spectrum OLED will be available for pre-order for just $649, which is incredibly cheap compared to other OLED gaming monitors that we’ve seen in the past. This is just the pre-sale price, however. When the monitor hits retail, you should expect to shell out $1099. But, those looking for an ultrawide panel should look elsewhere.

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