Classic 25-year-old Nokia phone poised to make a big comeback

Anurag Singh
Nokia 3210 2024 edition against a colorful background

HMD is planning to bring back the classic Nokia 3210 with a modern redesign. This retro device was originally announced in 1999 as the first mass-market phone with an internal antenna.

Nokia’s basic phones, especially the Nokia 3210, were all the rage in the early 2000s. While it wasn’t quite as iconic as the Nokia 3310 (which is still famous thanks to all the jokes and videos about it being super tough), HMD is now planning a comeback for the 25-year-old 3210 with a modern makeover and features.

If you’re unaware, HMD is a Finnish company that now owns the Nokia phone business. They acquired Nokia from Microsoft in 2016, after Microsoft itself bought it in 2013.

HMD teased the Nokia 3310 at an event in Kenya where it announced the latest HMD Pulse smartphone and Nokia 225 4G. “Paying homage to the original Nokia 3210 design, Nokia Icon has been rebuilt from the ground up, pairing a modern redesign with a retro interface for a real nostalgia trip,” reads the teaser shared by Nokiamob.

Nokia 3210 poster

The new phone’s design takes cues from the classic but with some modern updates. The teaser image shows a blue phone with a front that looks similar to the original 3210. The overall shape also appears to be like the Nokia 6310, but we don’t know yet if the sizes will be the same.

The new 3310 will also get modern specifications, such as: “long battery life, Bluetooth, 4G connectivity, and more.” However, much like the original 3310, the new version will also feature the iconic Snake game.

HMD didn’t reveal the price of the device or when it will hit the market.

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