Ayaneo unveils Pocket EVO handheld with stunning OLED display

Rosalie Newcombe
Close up of the right, and backplate, of the new Ayaneo Pocket EVO handheld.

Ayaneo has shaken up the Android-handheld competition with its Pocket EVO, featuring a 7-inch 120Hz OLED display.

Ayaneo releasing another handheld isn’t surprising. The boutique handheld brand has a sea of devices already under its belt, ranging from high-end PC gaming handhelds to Game Boy-inspired tech.

The brand-new Ayaneo Pocket EVO is another Android-based device to add to its already booming catalog. However, the new Pocket EVO handheld boasts a massive 7-inch 1920×1080 OLED display with a 120Hz refresh rate — which makes it the first of its kind.

While its display may be a world first, the chassis of the Pocket EVO isn’t entirely new. According to Ayaneo the design of the EVO is “deeply rooted in the Ayaneo brand DNA” and takes after the design of the Ayaneo 2 and 2S handhelds.

A quick glance at the Ayaneo 2 makes this incredibly apparent. Both handhelds feature the same all-white color scheme and rounded-edge design. The RGB hall sensing joysticks of the Ayaneo 2 have also been transferred over.

Yet while they look alike, the Ayaneo Pocket EVO runs on a version of Android. With that in mind, the Pocket EVO shares more similarities to the Pocket S, but with beefier specs to boot.

Promo image of both versions of the Pocket EVO handheld.

Both devices are powered by the Snapdragon G3x Gen 2 gaming platform. However, the Pocket EVO is decked out with an over 8000mAh battery for longer interrupted gaming sessions.

The upcoming Android handheld also sports a bezel-less screen. Ayaneo also claims it has a PC-level cooling system, and the largest HD linear motor added to an Android handheld. Just like Ayaneo’s lineup of past handhelds, it runs a version of AYASpace software, which can also be used to set up its vibration settings.

As of writing, the pre-launch IndieGoGo page for the Ayaneo Pocket EVO handheld is now live. However, as appealing as the EVO’s OLED visuals appear, you can’t yet buy one of your own.

For the time being, the IndieGoGo site is just a placeholder until Ayaneo is ready to launch. While that also means there isn’t yet an early bird or regular price listing for the handheld. It’ll launch in white and black colorways, so don’t expect it to come cheap.

With upgraded visuals and battery to the already pricey Pocket S, it’s likely the Pocket EVO will be even more expensive than its Android-based pals.

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