Android 15 rumor claims you won’t be able to turn Bluetooth off for one key reason

Anurag Singh
Image showing a smartphone with Android Mascot next to it

Android 15 doesn’t really want you to keep your Bluetooth turned off for long, as it will soon aid Google in helping you find your lost phone.

Google is working on a new feature in Android 15 that will let pause instead of disable your device’s Bluetooth radio, reports Mishaal Rahman for Android Authority. Numerous references to a “Bluetooth auto-on” feature have been discovered on Android 15’s latest preview build.

If the feature is enabled and you turn off Bluetooth through the Quick Settings menu, a toggle to “automatically turn on again tomorrow” may appear. It may be accompanied by text informing that “features like Quick Share, Find My Device, and device location use Bluetooth.”

Google’s long-awaited Find My Device network is about to launch soon. An email spotted by 9to5Google reveals the search giant is planning to turn on the feature in a few days. It allows you to track your lost phone by creating a massive network of participating devices using Bluetooth. When your lost device is lost but close to another device, it can connect to that other device over Bluetooth and relay its location.

Bluetooth is necessary for this feature to work correctly. If Bluetooth stays off for too long, you might not be able to find your Android phone if it’s lost, nor will you be able to help others find their lost phones.

The Bluetooth auto-on feature may not be limited to just Android 15. Rahman says they didn’t find its API restricted to Android 15, meaning it could be available on earlier versions of Android. However, it won’t be supported on all devices.