How to enable Bluetooth for Google Stadia controller

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While the Google Stadia may be shutting down, those who still have their controller will be able to continue to use it via bluetooth, so here’s how you’ll be able to pair your Google Stadio controller to other devices.

Sadly, the Google Stadia will be shutting down this year, with those who did purchase games through the device have been up in arms about lost data and in-game progress. However, many gaming developers have been working hard to ensure players are able to transfer their Google Stadia data over to other consoles and PC, so fear not.

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However, Google has now confirmed that players will be able to reuse their Stadia controllers. A new bluetooth feature ensuring the controllers are given a second life after the Stadia shuts down. For those interested, here’s our breakdown of how to use the Google Stadia controllers via bluetooth.

How to pair the Google Stadia controller via Bluetooth

As per the official Stadia Bluetooth blog post, users must simply follow these steps in order to get their control connected and paired via bluetooth. 

  • Firstly, switch the Google Stadia controller to Bluetooth.
  • Press and hold the ‘Y + Stadia buttons for two seconds to engage pairing mode. Status light will flash orange if done correctly
  • Grab the device you want to pair and play on and pair the controller in the setting. If successful, the Stadia controllers status light will turn solid white
  • If it worked, the controller will then automatically pair with the device in the future

What devices does the Google Stadia’s bluetooth controller feature work with?

According to the Stadia blog post, some devices will not be able to sync with the controller. “Not all Bluetooth devices are the same, so compatibility will vary. The Stadia Controller uses Bluetooth low energy connections, so some features, such as pass-through audio, aren’t possible wirelessly.”

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However, the post then explains that the team has “verified that the Stadia Controller works for gameplay with the list of supported devices. It hasn’t been tested with all Bluetooth device types, so it might not work with others.”

What happens if the Google Stadia bluetooth feature isn’t working?

For those having major issues connecting their Stadia controller with their desired device, here are some tips to reset the controller and try and fix the issue.

  • Make sure the controller has at least 30 minutes of charge in it
  • Unplug the controller and hold the Stadia button for ten seconds to reset the device
  • If still having issues, factory reset the controller by holding the Google Assistant and Capture buttons for six seconds.

Stadia have confirmed that customer service will not be available for inquiries in regard to bluetooth issues. Here’s hoping everything runs smoothly for those wanting to reuse their Stadia controllers.

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