Intel finally release Arc Alchemist GPU specs

Intel Arc

The upcoming Intel Arc GPUs have had their specs laid out on the table, after a huge PR push from Team Blue about performance.

In yet another video from Intel, they’ve begun to lay out the specs for their first line of dedicated GPUs, Arc Alchemist. The video details the specs for the A380, A580, A750, and A770. However, despite the specs being shown off, there’s still no release date.

The A380 did launch in June of this year, appearing on Newegg for orders.

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While the specs look impressive in how they’re displayed, the cards are still only aiming for the RTX 3060 Ti in scope. We’re now in September and there’s a very real chance the upgraded RTX 4060 could rear its head on September 20.

Intel’s first lineup of cards isn’t aiming to destroy Nvidia and AMD’s spots right out the gate. But the performance of a new GPU in 2022, battling a card that arrived in 2020 and is about to be superseded, makes for a hard sell.

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Reviews of the A770 and A750, the two high-end options for the Alchemist range, are still a ways off, as no outlet has received an official unit. However, the word from the leaks indicates that they could be a disappointing first attempt by Intel.

The thing to note about the Intel Arc cards is that if the price isn’t right, and with Nvidia slashing prices in an attempt to clear stock, it might not even be the best budget option on the market when it finally arrives.

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Intel Arc Alchemist specs

Xe Cores8242832
Ray Tracing Units8242832
XMX Engines128384448512
Graphics clock2000MHz1700MHz2050MHz2100MHz
Memory (GDDR6)6GB8GB8GB8/16GB
Memory bandwidth186GB/s512GB/s512GB/s560GB/s

There was also some more information on the actual innards on the Arc A750 and A770, including how much power it’ll draw at a maximum. The A750 and A770 will run at a max TDP (listed as Total Board Power) of 225W.

Xe Cores are Intel’s current tech to power graphics, which were introduced with the 11th generation CPUs.

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