AMD doubles down on commitment to AM5 socket for “As long as we can”

Rebecca Hills-Duty

Good news for CPU upgrades, as AMD has announced that it is committed to keeping the Socket AM5 platform until at least the end of 2025.

Most hobbyist PC builders will be aware that the two main CPU manufacturers have different approaches to their motherboard CPU sockets. Intel is fond of changing up its socket platforms regularly, whereas AMD likes to keep things stable for as long as possible. This trend continues with AMD committing to keeping the Socket AM5 platform around for “as long as we can.”

According to an interview with AMD’s Vice President & GM of the Client Channel Business, David Mcafee done by Overclockers UK, the AM5 platform will continue to evolve and be supported by AMD until at least 2025. New features will be added as the Zen4 architecture for Ryzen CPUs continues to develop.

Support for the new generation of CPUs

At the moment, the AMD AM5 platform supports two types of Ryzen desktop CPUs, the Ryzen 7000 and the Ryzen 7000X3D series. The latter features a 3D V-Cache specifically created to enhance the experience for gamers. The AM5 platform is currently the only one that has native support for PCIe Gen5 hardware, which includes components such as NVMe SSDs and discrete GPUs.

Zen 5 AMD Granite Slate

The platform is expected to see an update in 2024 to complement the launch of the newest line of Ryzen processors, the Zen 5 “Granite Ridge” desktop processors and the Ryzen 8000G APUs. These will both come with a standard edition as well as a version that offers the enhanced 3D V-Cache.

With regards to the longevity of the platform, Mcafee said: “I think that we certainly recognized that the longevity of the AM4 platforms was one of the biggest reasons that led to the success of Ryzen and as we think and as we think about the future, 2025 and beyond, that decision to move to a next-generation of socket is going to be really thought through really really carefully.”

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