Street Fighter 6 players left conflicted on brand-new Modern Controls

Rishov Mukherjee
A screenshot of Luke and Jamie from Street Fighter 6 trailer

Street Fighter 6 introduced Modern Controls to the game as a means to remove the need for complicated inputs. These Modern Controls have found success amidst new and returning players, but a certain section of the community is unhappy about it.

Modern Controls are a brand-new introduction to Street Fighter 6. The idea behind this new system is to make the game much more accessible for newer players. They are meant to remove the complexity with regard to inputs as players get access to EX Overdrives and Supers by pressing just a button or two.

However, they lose access to three neutral moves and also receive a 20% damage debuff for all the specials. Therefore, it is a tradeoff where you get consistency in exchange for a few neutrals and damage. As such, a certain section of the player base is having fun with it and is also achieving great feats. It seems there are a few players who are reaching Platinum rank and beyond with the help of Modern Controls.

However, this has raised a few eyebrows amongst a lot of other players who are dedicated to the Classic Control system. These players feel that Modern Controls are removing the essence of fighting games which is the entry barrier.

Here is what the community feels about Modern Controls after the opening few days of Street Fighter 6.

A screenshot of Ryu from Street Fighter 6 trailer
Street Fighter 6 players have joined in heated debate between Classic and Modern Controls

Street Fighter 6 players feel Modern Controls make the game too easy

The controversy arose when a player who has never reached high ranks in previous games managed to peak Platinum with Manon using Street Fighter 6 Modern Controls in just a few days.

This player posted their achievement on Reddit and that led to a lot of Classic players getting displeased about the situation. One such player commented that “I don’t see anyone could be proud of this honestly” while trying to suggest that reaching higher ranks with Modern Controls is not at all praiseworthy.

Another player commented that “I hate to be that guy but sadly no, you are NOT on par with a platinum Classic user,” where they are claiming that this Manon does not deserve this rank. Another player directly addressed this by saying “Modern controls are 4 noobs. Classic style baby,” while directly disregarding the achievement of the Manon player.

However, while there are those who are unhappy, others came in support of the Manon player. One such supportive comment stated that “Lots of people very salty that you climbed higher than them in this thread. Good job!” while praising the Manon player for their rank.

There were a few other supportive comments as well, but it seems like the community has been left divided. The Manon player also claimed that they have been receiving Direct Messages (DMs) on Reddit with several hateful comments.

This debate between Classic and Modern Controls was bound to happen and it will only get bigger in the coming days. The Manon player getting a high rank might not be the end of it as other Modern Control users will probably join in as well in the coming days.

This will ultimately be CAPCOM’s success if both Classic and Modern controls manage to maintain a healthy player count for a very difficult fighting game in the long run.