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iDom wins SFV Capcom Cup 2019 ⁠— results, final placements

Published: 14/Dec/2019 20:54 Updated: 16/Dec/2019 2:03

by Alan Bernal


Derek ‘iDom’ Ruffin has claimed his first Street Fighter V Capcom Cup trophy at the finals in Los Angeles, climbing from the lower bracket to take Reciprocity’s Victor ‘Punk’ Woodley in the grand final.

iDom has broken out in the Street Fighter V scene in 2019, ramping up on his past 2017 and 2018 successes to find result after result. A win at Defend the North 2019, a 5-6th at EVO, and a top 4 at the LATAM Regional Open has put the player’s name on everyone’s lips.

However, he now will be the talk of the town, after he took home the Capcom Cup, $250,000, and the title as the world’s best Street Fighter V player.


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iDom took down Fujimura, Infexious, Mago, and Phenom on his way to the Winner’s final, where he matched up with long-time rival Punk. After a close five-game set, iDom was knocked to the lower bracket to face off against Phenom in the Loser’s final.

Dispatching the Norwegian again, he then faced the tricky challenge of not just beating Punk once, but doing it twice. Usually, iDom has been on the losing side of these matches, but the unsigned star stood up when it mattered the most.

iDom stunned the Los Angeles crowd with a reverse sweep to force the bracket reset, taking the momentum into the second set to claim the first two rounds. With only one game separating iDom and $250,000, he let one game slip, before changing from his main of Laura to Poison to secure the title in the fourth game.


Capcom Cup 2019 Results

Championship Sunday, December 15

Winners Quarterfinals

Rec Punk 3-2 Mousesports Problem-X
CYG BST | Fuudo 3-0 UYU Oil King
Liquid John Takeuchi 0-3 NVD Phenom
Mago 0-3 iDom

Losers Round 3

Katitagari moke 1-3 YG Machabo
Talon HotDog29 0-3 RZR Xian
GO|RB Luffy 0-3 Liquid Nemo
ROHTO Z! Tokido 3-1 CYG BST Infexious

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Winners Semifinals

Rec Punk 3-0 CYG BST | Fuudo
NVD Phenom 2-3 iDom

Losers Round 4

UYU Oil King 0-3 ROHTO Z! Tokido
Mousesports Problem-X 0-3 Liquid Nemo
Mago 3-2 RZR Xian
Liquid John Takeuchi 1-3 YG Machabo

Losers Round 5

ROHTO Z! Tokido 3-1 Liquid Nemo
Mago 3-1 YG Machabo

Losers Round 6

NVD Phenom 3-2 ROHTO Z! Tokido
CYG BST | Fuudo 0-3 Mago

Losers Round 7

NVD Phenom 3-1 Mago

Winners Final

Rec Punk 3-2 iDom

Losers Final

iDom 3-1 NVD Phenom

Grand Final

Rec Punk 2-3 iDom
Rec Punk 1-3 iDom

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Saturday, December 14

Winners Round 1 

Rec Punk 3-0 -Zenith
YG Machabo 3-1  NASR|AngryBird
mousesports Problem-X  3-2  CYG BST | Daigo
Momochi  3-0  UYU NL
CYG BST | Fuudo  3-2  GO|RB Luffy
RZR Xian  3-1  CAG Dogura
Talon HotDog29  3-1  UYU JB
UYU Oil King  3-0  Liquid Nemo
Red Bull Hx Bonchan  2-3  RISE Smug
Red Bull gachikun  1-3  LiquidJohn Takeuchi
NASR Big Bird  3-2  Sonicboxx 801 Strider
NVD Phenom  3-1  FAV sako
ROHTO Z! Tokido 3-1 AZ Kichipa-mu
Mago 3-2 Katitagari moke
Fudoh Fujimura 2-3 iDom
NuckleDu 1-3 CYG BST Infexious

Losers Round 1 

-Zenith 1-3 NASR|AngryBird
CYG BST | Daigo 3-2 UYU NL
GO|RB Luffy 3-0 CAG Dogura
UYU JB 0-3 Liquid Nemo
Red Bull Hx Bonchan 0-3 Red Bull gachikun
Sonicboxx 801 Strider 0-3 FAV sako
AZ Kichipa-mu 2-3 Katitagari moke
Fudoh Fujimura 2-3 NuckleDu

Winners Round 2 

Rec Punk 3-0 YG Machabo
Mousesports Problem-X 3-0 Momochi
CYG BST | Fuudo 3-1 RZR Xian
Talon HotDog29 0-3 UYU Oil King
RISE Smug 2-3 Liquid John Takeuchi
NASR Big Bird 1-3 NVD Phenom
ROHTO Z! Tokido 2-3 Mago
iDom 3-2 CYG BST Infexious

Losers Round 2 

CYG BST Infexious 3-2 NASR|AngryBird
ROHTO Z! Tokido 3-2 CYG BST | Daigo
NASR Big Bird 2-3 GO|RB Luffy
RISE Smug 1-3 Liquid Nemo
Talon HotDog29 3-2 Red Bull gachikun
RZR Xian 3-2 FAV sako
Momochi 2-3 Katitagari moke
YG Machabo 3-2 NuckleDu

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Street Fighter V Capcom Cup 2019 Top 32 results

Place Player Team Prize Money
1 iDom $250,000
2 Punk Team Reciprocity $50,000
3 Phenom Nordavind $21,000
4 Mago $12,500
5-6 Tokido Rohto $9,000
5-6 Fuudo Cygames Beast $9,000
7-8 Nemo Team Liquid $5,000
7-8 Machabo YOSHIMOTO Gaming $5,000
9-12 Oil King UYU $2,000
9-12 Problem X mousesports $2,000
9-12 Xian Team Razer $2,000
9-12 John Takeuchi Team Liquid $2,000
13-16 Infexious Cygames Beast $1,000
13-16 Luffy GamersOrigin $1,000
13-16 HotDog29 Talon Esports $1,000
13-16 moke $1,000
17-24 AngryBird NASR eSports $500
17-24 Daigo Cygames Beast $500
17-24 Big Bird NASR eSports $500
17-24 Smug Rise Nation $500
17-24 gachikun Red Bull eSports $500
17-24 sako FAV gaming $500
17-24 Momochi Victrix Pro $500
17-24 NuckleDu $500
25-32 Zenith $250
25-32 NL UYU $250
25-32 Dogura CYCLOPS athlete gaming $250
25-32 JB UYU $250
25-32 Bonchan Red Bull eSports $250
25-32 801 Strider SonicBoxx $250
25-32 Kichipa-mu AZ Corporation $250
25-32 Fujimura Fudoh $250

Additional reporting by Dexerto’s Scott Robertson and Andrew Amos